Sketch113194837 September 21

Radio Road Rage by Michael M. Guevara

Normally, talking back to the radio in the car seems, well, pretty normal to me. I’ve been known to argue back with radio, hurl some particularly spicy bon mots, and spew more than a few NSFW rage-fueled diatribes (I may have to actually donate to my public radio station to feel fully justified in my […]

AdultYA September 20

Adult Fiction for YA Readers by Shannon Nemer

Despite the recent attention focused on naysayers, I’m firmly in the camp that we should read what appeals to us, regardless of the age it was intended for. Still, I often hear readers who focus mainly on YA expressing an interest in adult fiction and looking for recommendations. In hopes of broadening horizons, I’m turning my attention to recent books with themes that mirror YA novels and would make for a good […]

Sketch11319220 September 19

Confessions of a Skype Addict by Amy Duncan

Hi.  My name is Amy.  And I am a Skype addict. It all started very innocently.  Browsing my email, I happened upon a newsletter from a book publishing website I had inadvertently subscribed to.  I read it quickly, entered a contest for fun, hit delete, and moved on.  I never win anything.  Not until now.  […]

the knife of never letting go September 18

The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness – Review by Emily D. Rietz

I believe in transparency.   In my many roles in life (teacher, mom, friend,  daughter, partner), I work hard to freely share my heart, risk failure, and speak the truth in love.  I believe in transparency because I think it creates connection and community.   So yes, I believe in transparency; and yet there are […]

1 to 20 Animals Aplenty September 17

1 to 20, Animals Aplenty by Katie Viggers Post by Caroline Flory

It’s hard not to judge a picture book by its cover.   When you take a first look at 1 to 20, Animals Aplenty by Katie Viggers (POW! Books, 2014) from far away, you might just see a few random animals on a very simple grayish blue background. Nothing bright. Nothing flashy.   But, then, […]

right word September 16

The Right Word by Jen Bryant and Melissa Sweet, Reviewed by Donalyn Miller

  “Words—so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them.”—Nathaniel Hawthorne   I learned the power of words early. Whining, breaking my things, interrupting me while I was reading, my little sisters were […]

The persistence of time September 15

Piles to Go Before I Sleep by Laura M. Jimenez

I try not to compete with others. I try to remember that my reading speed is my reading speed and that it is a pretty fixed variable. And I try to remind myself that those in the children’s literature community who participate in stuff like “book-a-day” challenge do so because they want to expand their […]

Sketch113194837 September 14

My Top Ten Joys by Erica Shipow

I have to admit: the start of this school year has not been easy. I don’t like admitting that. It’s not even halfway through September, so it feels a little early to be saying that I’m already exhausted, already losing my patience, already unsure of my teaching. It’s this nagging sense that something isn’t quite […]

flotsam September 13

Top Ten Things People Said 5th Graders Couldn’t Read – But Did by Taylor Meredith

Each year, I have tried to choose unexpected texts solely for the purpose of making my fifth graders think. I want them to think about themselves, our community and the world around them.   And in these unexpected choices, I found myself also forced to think….what if we made it a classroom practice to closely […]

nerdcampjr September 12

We’re Excited About Reading! by Sara Ralph

Attending nErDcampMI was a life-changing experience for me. I learned so many things, and was overjoyed to meet some of my favorite people in real life.  It was just the experience I needed to reinvigorate me for my 12th year as an elementary school librarian. It is amazing to be in a room full of […]