Sketch113194837 December 22

My Kingdom for a Lamp by Michelle Blanchard Ardillo

It’s my mother’s fault that I can’t go to sleep without reading. My father worked nights in the oil fields of Louisiana when I was a toddler; I was the firstborn, and for four years, the only child. My mother was lonely so she would read to me, one Little Golden Book after another. Then, […]

cvr9781481402835_9781481402835_hr December 21

The Margin Project by Jen Malone

Hey there, Nerdy crew! We’re a fun-loving group of passionate booklovers, right? Pretty social too, huh? Guess what? So are the kids we teach, find library books for and, in my case, write for.  In fact, the current generation of kids has been termed the “Me Generation” and judging by the number of selfies my […]

Sketch113194837 December 20

Nerdy Book Club Award Nominations, #WinterTBR Pictures, and Deadlines!

We have three BIG (and VERY TIMELY!) requests! 1) We’re looking for nominations for the Nerdy Book Club Awards still. Nominations close TONIGHT (12/20) at MIDNIGHT. There won’t be a ballot beyond nominations – so if you haven’t nominated your favorite titles from 2014 yet, you need to do so TODAY. Go to to make […]

choice inspiration December 20

Seeing It For Myself – Top Ten Things I Have Observed as Young Readers Are Given Choice by Jami Spaulding

Crystal was leaning against a pillow in our 1st grade classroom, reading a non-fiction book that was certainly far above her lexile.  As I sat down beside her, I noticed she was crying.  These tears were not sad; instead they were tears of relief and joy as she whispered, “I’m really reading!”  When I met […]

stargirl December 19

The Importance of Being Awesomely Predictable by Beth Claycomb

Every family has one, that person who gives the worst gifts. On birthdays or Christmas or Groundhog’s Day – it doesn’t matter. Their present will disappoint you. In my family, I’m that person. It’s not because I don’t think carefully about what to get someone on important gift-giving days. Actually, I spend a huge amount […]

to kill a mockingbird December 18

The Power of a Teacher by Tammy Mulligan

My 9th grade son is reading To Kill a Mockingbird in his English class.  When I saw this book, it reminded me of all the classic novels I didn’t read in high school: The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck The Catcher and the Rye, J.D. Salinger Great Expectations, Charles Dickens And many others…   You […]

Jellicoe Road December 17

Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta – Review by Janelle Fila

Jellicoe Road weaves multiple stories in a non-linear fashion, jumping around so that the reader never quite knows the complete story until the book’s closing pages. The first story is the contemporary tale of Taylor Markham during her life at boarding school on the Jellicoe Road.  Within the story’s first few pages, Taylor is elected […]

ZooBox-300rgb December 16

The Children Are Alone by Aron Nels Steinke

Anything can go wrong when children are left alone for the first time. In my newest children’s book, The Zoo Box, the main characters, siblings Erika and Patrick, are left unsupervised for the evening. Their mother and father leave them at home for a night out and depart with the promise that if they behave […]

The Grouchy Ladybug December 15

Read and Repeat by Alyssa D. Morgan

Much to the delight of my librarian heart, my three-year-old son loves to read.  He has a bookcase full of books that he browses and brings to me read.  He’ll sit with a book and point out pictures to me.  He will happily pick out stacks of books at the library (once I pull him […]

FireBird.finalCovOnly December 14

Fire Birds: Valuing Natural Wildfires and Burned Forests by Sneed B. Collard III – A Review by Rose Cappelli

Every year in the United States, thousands of wildfires destroy millions of acres of forests. Most of us are saddened by this, thinking of all the destruction of our natural resources and animal habitats. In Fire Birds: Valuing Natural Wildfires and Burned Forests, Sneed B. Collard III not only teaches us about the many species […]