Cupcake Cousins Nerdy Book Club October 24

Helping Readers Find Strong Girls on the Road to Katniss by Kate Hannigan

I found my writing inspiration sitting on a bench at my kids’ school. It wasn’t me plopped down there on the hard wood, it was a Wee Reader devouring a copy of The Hunger Games. While I loved the book, I was a little blown away that a third-grader was taking on such big, emotionally […]

10 cozy companions October 23

It’s Time to Come Inside! 10 Cozy Companions by Beth Panageotou

This past summer, we had a visit with the I’m Bored’s. Beautiful weather and a list of ten great picture books got them outside, exploring, reading and creating in the bright sunshine!   As the seasons turn, the I’m Bored’s are forced inside. And as parents, we cringe at the thought of what will happen […]

hug-machine-9781442459359_lg October 22

Hug Machine by Scott Campbell – Reviewed by Rebecca Jones

As a children’s librarian and mama of three, I’m pretty much obsessed with kid lit. I scavenge online and in print to learn about the latest and greatest in children’s books, always searching for that next fantastic read. And while I’m full of my own opinions about what makes a quality children’s book, I’m also […]

RedPencilCvr October 21

FINDING THE RED PENCIL by Andrea Davis Pinkney

There she was, her hand outstretched, inviting me to follow. It was four  in the morning, the time I wake up to write.  This beautiful child roused me from sleep, gently coaxing me with a whisper: Andrea, come. It was a chilly autumn crack-of-dawn in 2011. Around this time, I’d been doing extensive reading about […]

Sketch11319220 October 20

Barbies, Goddesses, and Sudoku Puzzles by Naomi Bates

I would never let Barbie stand in my way. I kid you not, I was BORN to be a librarian.  At the age of six, my two sisters and I had our favorite Barbies and it was time for them to take a vacation in their cigar box cars, but WAIT!!!  And I struck my […]

the-great-gatsby_420 October 19

Mouths of Babes by Donalyn Miller

We read to Emma before she was born. Sarah would prop a picture book on Celeste’s belly and read. When Emma came into the world, we brought Aunt Sarah to the hospital to meet her new niece. They didn’t need an introduction. Sarah leaned over Emma’s bassinette—whispered—and Emma turned her face toward Sarah. Recognizing her […]

cherub October 18

The Need for Big Books: A Top “Ten” List by Stephanie Severson

I read a lot about reluctant readers and how to get boys to read.  This is definitely an issue I see in my classroom.  However, I have also encountered the opposite problem — the boys that burn through books, boys that read so much they need a new book every few days, boys that crave […]

before October 17

How to Raise a Nerdy Book Lover by Susan Lupone Stonis and Jacqueline Boyle

If you’re reading this post on Nerdy Book Lover, then we can assume you’re a lover of books. And if you are a parent, it goes without saying that you’re passing this love on to your kids. But if you or someone you love is expecting a baby, you might be intrigued to know that […]

photo (40) October 16

Parma Third Graders Interview Oliver Jeffers

My students love everything written by Oliver Jeffers. His new book, Once Upon An Alphabet is one of the hottest books in our third grade classroom. When I was given the opportunity to interview Mr. Jeffers for Nerdy Book Club, it seemed only fitting to have my third graders to conduct the interview instead. We hope […]

Glory HC cover October 15

A.S. King & Cindy Minnich: A Conversation About Glory O’Brien

AMY: Hi Cindy! Thank you for having me around to chat about Glory O’Brien’s History of the Future. I admit I have no idea what to talk about.   CINDY: I’m more curious in what you want to talk about. What are you wishing people were asking you?   AMY: For this book, I’m getting […]