gregor and the prophecy of bane October 31

All You Need is Books by Roberto de León

When my son Leo was born, my wife and I immediately realized that raising a baby in New York City was like trying to fill a bucket with sand, one tiny grain at a time: it’s totally possible, but also totally exhausting, painful, and questionably worthwhile. So, we packed our bags and moved to California […]

a step from heaven October 30

Top Ten YA Books that Tackle Love and Abuse by Mathangi Subramanian

The teen years are a time to learn skills we rely on for the rest of our lives: how to drive a car. How to cook a meal. How to take a standardized test. How to cope when that standardized test doesn’t come out the way we expected. How to cope with our parents. And […]

ninja librarians October 29


Picture a librarian.  Do you imagine a bespectacled man or woman, lips pursed, eyes narrowed, whose voice barely rises above a whisper?  Do you think of a person who prizes organized shelves, books returned on time, and above all, QUIET?  I do.  Or at least, I did, until I encountered the librarians in Jen Swann […]

PP cover October 28

Perfect Pairs by Melissa Stewart

After writing more than 150 science books for kids, I finally decided to try something a little different—a book for teachers that brings together science and ELA instruction. My co-author Nancy Chelsey and I worked on Perfect Pairs: Using Fiction & Nonfiction Picture Books to Teach Life Science, K-2 for three long years, writing and testing […]

Sketch11319220 October 27

It’s Never Too Late by Julia Reynolds

I have always been a reader. As I was growing up, my parents had their own books on bookshelves, by their bed, on counters, in cars, and anywhere else they might stop and read. It was similar in the bedroom I shared with my sister – books in baskets, in bookcases, and by my bed […]

the great unexpected October 26

Top Ten Children’s and Young Adult Books About Trees, Woods, or Forests by Holly Mueller

I participated this year for the first time in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge, started by Two Writing Teachers.  It was an amazing experience.  I personalized the challenge by writing about childhood memories because my fifth graders were writing memoirs.  In one memory, I wrote about my love of trees and playing in […]

wrinkle in time October 25

Top 10 Books for Reluctant MG and YA Readers by F.T. Bradley

When I set out to write the Double Vision trilogy, I wasn’t all that knowledgeable on reluctant readers, what books appealed to them, and why. All I wanted to do was write a fun, fast-paced thriller. The kind of book I would like to read if I was still twelve (okay, if we’re honest: the […]

Cupcake Cousins Nerdy Book Club October 24

Helping Readers Find Strong Girls on the Road to Katniss by Kate Hannigan

I found my writing inspiration sitting on a bench at my kids’ school. It wasn’t me plopped down there on the hard wood, it was a Wee Reader devouring a copy of The Hunger Games. While I loved the book, I was a little blown away that a third-grader was taking on such big, emotionally […]

10 cozy companions October 23

It’s Time to Come Inside! 10 Cozy Companions by Beth Panageotou

This past summer, we had a visit with the I’m Bored’s. Beautiful weather and a list of ten great picture books got them outside, exploring, reading and creating in the bright sunshine!   As the seasons turn, the I’m Bored’s are forced inside. And as parents, we cringe at the thought of what will happen […]

hug-machine-9781442459359_lg October 22

Hug Machine by Scott Campbell – Reviewed by Rebecca Jones

As a children’s librarian and mama of three, I’m pretty much obsessed with kid lit. I scavenge online and in print to learn about the latest and greatest in children’s books, always searching for that next fantastic read. And while I’m full of my own opinions about what makes a quality children’s book, I’m also […]