the princess bride April 24

So Last Season by Michael Guevara

Sometimes I worry that I’m not book hip enough, that I haven’t kept up with the latest must-reads, that my books are so last season. Others recommend new book after new book they’ve read while my Amazon Wish list grows like the epiphyseal plates of a teenage boy. The co-opted cliché, “So many books, so […]

here comes destructosaurus April 23

7 Book-Related Things I’d Like to Destruct by Here Comes Destructosaurus author Aaron Reynolds

1)     Grown-ups that judge a kid’s reading choices. Saying “that’s not a good book” or “put that graphic novel down and pick up a real book” does nothing to build passion and excitement for reading. It’s our job to notice what a kid loves reading, whether it’s sports magazines, graphic novels, or “literary” fiction, and […]

one safe place April 22

Reading Like a Kid by Tania Unsworth

A few years ago I decided to stop writing for adults and try writing books for children instead. There were several reasons for this but the most important was a realization that felt both simple and very important: I don’t read the way I used to read when I was a kid. On one level […]

captain underpants April 21

All Books Count by Jen Vincent

My office door is plastered with the covers of books I’ve read since the start of the school year. I have books on display in my office. I love to recommend books and talk about books. People know I love books and they’ll bring me articles about books or share books they’ve enjoyed. Last week, […]

If Not For Franki by Donalyn Miller

I am not sure when I first met Franki Sibberson. I think it was at the 2009 NCTE Convention in Philadelphia. I knew about her work as a professional development author and speaker, of course. The Book Whisperer was published that year and I was just beginning to meet other professional authors and speak at […]

Sketch11319220 April 19

My Students’ Top Ten “Essential Digital Reading Tools” List by Sara Kajder

From the first day of class in August, students in Room 6 work to develop their identities as readers.  And, as eighth graders who have had a variety of experiences which have shaped their identities and Some enter our room with their “Books to Read” list in-hand, ready to pillage the shelves of our classroom […]

Ka's Garden April 18

Becoming More Diverse – A Library Journey by Crystal Brunelle

“There are books with Hmong?” This question broke my heart a little. The boy was shocked when I had casually mentioned a book with a Hmong character. He had made it to third grade without realizing that there were books related to his home culture and that they were available in his school library. You […]

BUTTER April 17

Butter by Erin Jade Lange – Review by Kevin English

Outside of the Nerdy Book Club, I have two friends that make up my “nerd herd.” We used to teach at the same school (our mascot was a zebra), and so the name stuck. One of those friends recommended Erin Jade Lange’s Butter to me—and I am so glad she did.   Throughout my brief […]

the junction of sunshine and lucky April 16

The Junction of Sunshine and Lucky by Holly Schindler – Review by Leigh Anne Eck

Because I am a fourth grade teacher, I try to make conscious decisions about the middle grade books I recommend to my students.  Fourth grade falls on the low end of the middle grade spectrum.  Sometimes these novels teeter on the borderline of appropriateness for this grade level, due to their language or mature content. […]

Klise_ArtofSecrets_jkt_rgb_LR April 15

Lately, Man, It’s All About the Weed by James Klise

You expected a title like that, maybe, from the guy who wrote Love Drugged.   A month ago, an administrator at my school came to visit me in the library. “I have something to discuss,” he said gently, “and I don’t want to upset you.” I steadied myself against the circulation desk. Then his tone […]