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Sharon and Kelli July 21

The Magic of Author Visits by Teresa Bunner

Magic. Something we find in Harry Potter books or movies about dragons. But we all know magic doesn’t exist in the “real world.” Or does it? I just wrapped up my third summer running a writing institute for high school students. I’ve come to believe magic does exist and that it happens when you bring […]

the story of fish and snail July 19

Our Top Ten Favorite Picture Book Friendships by Jillian Heise & Kim McSorley

It all started with Elephant & Piggie. A comment about how much I love We Are In a Book led to a question which led to a conversation with Kim which led to a disbelieving look that I had only read the one Elephant & Piggie book, which led to this goal-setting tweet…. Thanks to […]

wild life July 18

How I Addressed Gender Bias in My Book Club by Sedley Abercrombie

After attending a conference early last school year I finally got up the nerve to try a book club.  At the time, I was lucky enough to work with a very supportive principal who supported my ideas.  But where to start?   I began to research and I find this AWESOME website:  As a […]

Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa Partners book cover July 17

Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa: Partners Written by Erica Silverman, Illustrated by Betsy Lewin – Retro Review by Caroline Flory

I originally found the Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa books because of Colby Sharp and Mr. Schu’s #ReadGeisel challenge earlier this year. Honestly, I accidentally picked up the wrong book in the series! The first book in the series won the Geisel award, but I grabbed Partners, thinking it was the book on the list.   It […]

how to train a train July 16

How to Train a Train – Written by Jason Carter Eaton, Illustrated by John Rocco – Reviewed by Ann King

  Did you know that I am the meanest mom in the world?  Well sometimes the meanest. According to my children, anyway. Why?  Because I won’t let them have a pet.  A real pet.  Not just the fish we have, they say.  A real pet.  Like a dog or a cat. They are horribly deprived […]

crooked kind of perfect July 14

Reading LiveS by Kristin McIlhagga

Like many of my nerdybookclub friends, I am an avid reader and have been for as long as I can remember. My daughters are both readers, as is my husband – we are frequently found during the summer months sitting on the back deck reading. But six year ago, I became a doctoral student, and […]

level up July 13

Instructional Lessons Learned as an Emergent Video Gamer by Shannon Houghton

This summer, I’ve been spending some of my free time playing video games. I hesitate to call myself a gamer YET because I have so much to learn. I’m an emergent gamer, and I started noticing patterns in my emergence as a gamer that closely correlates to what I see in my students who are […]

love that dog July 12


We are intermediate grade teachers who have learned over the years that there are practices that get kids excited about reading.   We tried to rank them but decided they were all equally important.  We can’t imagine eliminating any of them, so these are not in any particular order. 1.  Know your kids. Did Katie’s hamster […]

2014KidLitConLogo July 11

The 8th Annual KidLitCon – Spending Time Face-to-Face with Kindred Spirits by Jen Robinson

When I was in college studying engineering, I would sneak off to the library whenever I could, and read children’s books. When I was drowning with work as the co-founder of a software firm, I would use children’s and young adult books to unwind. I have a distinct memory of being on a business trip […]