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The Nerdy Book Club Gathers to Celebrate March 16

Nerdy Nation Speaks by Nerdy Book Club MRA 2014 Attendees

This weekend, hundreds of teachers descended on Grand Rapids, Michigan to attend the Michigan Reading Association’s annual conference. An active affiliate of Nerdy Book Club members attend the MRA conference each year–an opportunity to connect with dear friends, meet new ones,  and reflect on another year of reading and sharing books with children. We had […]

8131485 March 11

Share the Love, Grasshopper by Michael Guevara

These are the kind of days you live for as a parent. Walking through the door after school, the first words out of my seventh grade son’s mouth were, “Dad, there’s a book I want. My friend got me hooked on it.” And, if he took a breath from that point on, I missed it. […]

photo 1 March 08

The Top Ten Favorite Picture Books So Far in Mrs. Sokolowski’s class

In our fifth grade classroom picture books are revered for the amazing art form they are. Today I asked my students a question: If you had to pick one picture book that every classroom should own, what would it be? When I limited the number to ten, groans were heard across the room. Comments ranged […]

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Around the Campfire by Donalyn Miller

While I teach two rotations of language arts and social studies, my homeroom stays with me until past noon because of breaks in our schedule for specials, lunch, and recess. When we return from recess, my fifth graders and I have 25 minutes together before students switch classes. It’s the perfect slice of time to […]

Not Guilty by Michael M. Guevara

Somehow this seems like one of those things that I should be embarrassed to admit, but I like watching Judge Judy. Maybe the show serves as a reminder that my own life, for all its chaos, resembles an episode of Leave It To Beaver when compared to the human drama paraded before Judge Judy. It could also be […]

Enchantress from the Stars by Sylvia Louise Engdahl Reviewed by Gina Boyd

I have never met another person who has read this Newbery Honor book from 1971.  Well, that’s not quite true.  I have students to whom I have read this book aloud, and I have recommended the book to others who have read it.  But I have never met anyone who has read it without my […]

Titles That Have Legs by Katherine Sokolowski and Donalyn Miller

Curating classroom libraries demands that we offer students books that stretch their imaginations and thinking, broaden their reading experiences, and engage them with reading. While we continually add new titles to our fifth grade classroom libraries, there’s a core list of books that we replace every school year because the books become so worn our […]

2013 Nerdy Awards for Nonfiction Announced by Justin Stygles

Need a New Year’s resolution?  An addendum to #nerdlution, perhaps?  Try non-fiction (to be a bit vague). This year’s Nonfiction winners are breathtaking, heartbreaking, and mesmerizing. Two books will remind a reader they are reading non-fiction by topic and layout.  The other three, however, may trick the reader. Somewhere in the middle of reading, the […]

The 2013 Nerdy Award Poetry Winners Announced by Mary Lee Hahn

Imagination Releases History Teaches His story Delights Father and son Bond tight Fairy tales Novel telling Five winners All compelling IMAGINATION RELEASES Words With Wings by Nikki Grimes Wordsong author’s website: Gabby is a daydreamer, with lots of reasons to escape into her imagination – her parents have separated and she is the new […]