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photo 1 March 08

The Top Ten Favorite Picture Books So Far in Mrs. Sokolowski’s class

In our fifth grade classroom picture books are revered for the amazing art form they are. Today I asked my students a question: If you had to pick one picture book that every classroom should own, what would it be? When I limited the number to ten, groans were heard across the room. Comments ranged […]

Titles That Have Legs by Katherine Sokolowski and Donalyn Miller

Curating classroom libraries demands that we offer students books that stretch their imaginations and thinking, broaden their reading experiences, and engage them with reading. While we continually add new titles to our fifth grade classroom libraries, there’s a core list of books that we replace every school year because the books become so worn our […]

The 2013 Graphic Novel Winners Announced by Katherine Sokolowski

I’m so excited to share with you the winners of the third annual Nerdy Book Club awards. Each year I’ve written up the post for the winners in the Graphic Novel category and I will continue to do so as long as I can coerce Donalyn, Cindy, and Colby to let me. One reason that […]

Top Ten Ways to Encourage Children to Read Over Winter Break by Katherine Sokolowski

It is no big secret, I’m a reader. I wear that label proudly and, as a result, my students’ parents often email me looking for advice regarding their children and reading. Today I thought I would share with our Nerdy Book Club friends the advice I’m giving my parents this year on encouraging their children […]

Nerdy Book Club Session at NCTE

This afternoon, there will be a session entitled Relevance, Relationships, and Reading Lives: Fostering Reading Engagement in All Readers. Whether you’re in Boston for NCTE with the potential to join us or if you’re at home and wondering what you’re missing, we thought that Nerdy Book Club readers might appreciate a peek at what we […]

Reading in the Wild by Donalyn Miller – Reviewed by Katherine Sokolowski

When you think of the term “wild reader”, what images come forth? For me, I think of people. I think of my friends John Schu and Donna Kouri, off on their summer road trips to celebrate children’s literature. I think of my friend, Colby Sharp, jumping on desks and yelling to his class, “I love […]

Read Alouds by Katherine Sokolowski

The other day while relaxing at the pool, I sensed it – the feeling of summer slipping away, of August staring down at me, ready to descend. The end of summer brings about many things I enjoy: setting up my classroom, purchasing new school supplies, creating lessons, etc. There is one activity, however, that consumes […]

Top Ten Reasons it is Good if Your Teacher is a Reader by Katherine Sokolowski

The other day my students and I were talking about sixth grade. It’s that time of year, the days we have left together are so few, and many of them have already begun to worry about moving on. In my district transitioning from fifth to sixth requires a move of buildings and the start of […]

Genie Wishes by Elisabeth Dahl – Reviewed by Katherine Sokolowski

Looking back on my teen years, I have come to a conclusion: growing up is tough, and the middle grades can be the worst. Your body is changing; your friends can betray you; you like boys, you don’t like boys; your parents don’t seem to be the same anymore; and you constantly search for who […]


I feel like I should run through the street yelling from house to house, “The Nerdies are here! The Nerdies are here!” 2012 brought us some amazing books and I’m delighted to be sharing the graphic novel winners with you. As a huge fan of graphic novels, I am thrilled with this list. I think […]