seeds of freedom July 02

Seeds of Freedom: The Peaceful Integration of Huntsville, Alabama by Hester Bass – A Review by Rose Cappelli

Seeds of Freedom: The Peaceful Integration of Huntsville, Alabama  by Hester Bass and illustrated by E.B.Lewis is a study in contrasts. The Civil Rights Movement is full of stories of violence and hatred, many of which occurred in the state of Alabama. But in this book we learn how the citizens of Huntsville, Alabama chose […]

fish in a tree - final cover July 01

Great Minds Don’t Think Alike by Stacey Riedmiller

Sometimes, as a reader, you find Heart Print Books.  You know the ones: they get in there and nestle right into the very core of you. The characters are people who become friends, settings that become tangible. For me, these stories (or experiences), have helped shaped me as a woman, friend, daughter, wife, mother, teacher […]

circus mirandus June 30

Who is a Book for Anyway? by Cassie Beasley

My parents never said no to a book.   Every year they said, “No, we can’t have an extra week of vacation.” (You’d think they would have given in at least once.) And they said, “No, you can’t stay up until midnight. You’re sleepy.” (I wasn’t.) And on one memorable occasion my mother shouted, “NO! […]

Sketch11319220 June 29

Book Pushing by Mary Lou Shuster

  They say confession is good for the soul so I am here to confess to all of you that I am, “gulp”, a book pusher. And I have no shame – I push to adults and children and not just in book venues either, as you will soon see. I do not discriminate. I […]

i don't want to be a frog June 28

Write! (You Know You Wanna) by Dev Petty

  It took quite a while for me to identify myself as a writer. Until only recently, and despite enough picture book manuscripts to wallpaper the moon, I would gloss over my writer-ness, opting instead for “former visual effects artist,” “mom,” or “sandwich maker” which I’d throw in just to see the reaction. I waited […]

parrotfish June 27

10 YA Books that Altered My Paradigm by Holly Kregel

I think of all the things I’ve experienced as a young adult; then I think about the much longer list of things I haven’t experienced, things I know startling less about but affect people around me in ways unfathomable to me (violence, gangs, mental disorders, domestic abuse, etc.) Facing certain realities in the context of […]

Summer Showers CC3 June 26

Here Comes the Fun: Sunny Summer Reads by Kate Hannigan

Summertime reading is here. And as I pile up stacks of books to keep my kiddos’ brains from becoming mush, I meet with the inevitable pushback. Titles I point my children toward – the award winners, the weighty “issue” books – are not always the types of stories they want to read. The Washington Post […]

gaston June 25

Gaston by Kelly Di Pucchio – Reviewed by Pamela Stegink

As a child I have vivid memories of sitting at the dinner table, looking at my brother and sister sitting on either side of me and wondering, “How could we three have the same parents, live within the same four walls yet be so different? Maybe they were adopted at birth.” Gaston, written by Kelly […]

far from fair June 24

Origins by Elana K. Arnold

Every story comes from somewhere. Maybe it’s from deep inside, a fear or a hope the author can hardly name. Maybe it’s a memory—the smell of magnolia flowers and summer sun, or the nose-twitchy pepper of a family barbeque.   With my last middle grade novel, THE QUESTION OF MIRACLES, I didn’t immediately recognize where […]

the truth about twinkie pie June 23

on poetry and shyness and the way i wish i were… by Kat Yeh

I’ve been thinking about poetry a lot, lately. The main character of my second novel and current work-in-progress is a shy twelve year-old poet. I was once a shy twelve year-old poet, myself. It is a few decades later and I am a shy poet still. When I was nine, my mother bought me a […]