Sketch113194837 August 29


I am here to publicly admit that I have embraced a polyamorous reading life.  The term “polyamory” comes from the Greek for “many loves” and is usually defined as having more than one romantic relationship at any time.  Before I go any further, no, this has nothing to do with Fifty Shades of Gray or […]

DearDragon_cover August 28


The following letter exchange occurred over email between the dates of August 15 and August 27, 2016.     Dear Rodolfo,   So, we’re premiering the book trailer for DEAR DRAGON on the Nerdy Book Club and I’m supposed to write a post to go along with it, but I’m not sure what to write. […]

Let Me Finish August 27

Top Ten Books to Build a Classroom Culture by Cindy Christiansen

I have a small poster of two sheep in my classroom.  One sheep is white and the other is black, and the quote below them reads, “Choose your socks by their color and your friends by their character.  Choosing your socks by their character makes no sense.  Choosing your friends by their color is unthinkable.” […]

revolution August 26

Fierce and Tender: A Reading Life That Transforms by Valinda Kimmel

What in the world does reading novels have to do with becoming self-aware? Everything. If we’ll let it. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the power of books when it comes to helping readers (this reader, in particular) become more self-aware. This frightening world we live in right now has me realizing that I […]

hundredpercent_cover August 25

A Hundred Things to Love about Hundred Percent – A Review by Carter Higgins

Tink, our heroine. Jackie, a best friend better than a sidekick. Even when she’s not. How the book takes a while to tease out the true meaning of the title, but it’s entirely agonizing and fitting and endearing and heart-squishy as it gets there. That this book is for the true in-between-kind-of-kid—ones who are working […]

return_cover August 24


I have a confession. I did not read books when I was a kid. Of course, there was the time in 5th grade that I conspicuously placed A Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson on my desk, but that brief brush with literature was meant only to impress the two bookish girls in my class […]

The Rat Prince August 23

Stories, Actually…. by Bridget Hodder

For several years, I taught reading through the Resource Room of a public elementary school, where we often had to pull out inclusion kids from vibrant mainstream classrooms during Language Arts or “free reading” periods. We taught these students the basics of reading from a regimented, workbook-based program required by our curriculum.   And yet, […]

AS Goodreads shelf August 22

Reading in the Light by Andrew Smith

In fifth grade, I was blessed to have an amazing educator in my life.   Her name was Mrs. Ann Ostrowski or “Mrs. O.”   Mrs. O was the type of educator that many of us dream of becoming one day.   She had excellent relationships with her students and families, challenged individual students to push his/her thinking […]

towers falling August 21

It’s a Wide World by Donalyn Miller

Tomorrow morning, our younger daughter, Sarah, starts her senior year of high school. After two decades of first days with our daughters, this marks our final first day of school as parents. Shopping for school supplies, Sarah joked that this was the last time she would need a cart full of folders. I suppose our […]

the storm in the barn August 20

Ten Books My Friends and Family are Tired of Hearing Me Recommend by Jake Nuckolls

I am often used as a library both physically as well as mentally.  “What should I read next?” or “Is there a book like….?” are both questions I field from friends and family who know my love of literature and specifically children’s literature.  But everyone knows that they may get an unsolicited recommendation that has […]