under-the-christmas-tree December 10

Beyond Santa and Frosty: Meaningful Books for the Season by Susan Knell

Every year I always look forward to reading aloud my favorite books to children for the holiday season. There are so many books that we can turn to year after year that go a bit deeper than the cute little books about Santa, snowmen, or Christmas gifts.  Here are some of my favorites that I […]

ganeshas-sweet-tooth December 09

Broadening and Deepening Your Reading Life by Katie @ The Logonauts

I think I was always a reader. I carried books with me on car trips, to my sister’s gymnastic meets, even while camping! But I wouldn’t say that I was a particularly savvy reader. I didn’t have specific strategies for finding or evaluating books, and I often found myself in reading ruts, returning to a […]

rook December 08

Rook by Sharon Cameron – Review by Kimberly Adkins

My better half and I have often discussed whether we believe the universe only holds one ideal person for another and that fate will ultimately bring the two together or whether humans simply decide to live with and love those that they bump into along life’s journey (the right time, right place theory). I wonder […]

esquivel-space-age-sound-artist December 07

Esquivel! Space-Age Sound Artist by Susan Wood and Duncan Tonatiuh – Review by Elizabeth Brown

Esquivel! Space Age Sound Artist (Charlesbridge, 2016), written by Susan Wood and illustrated by Duncan Tonatiuh, captures the story of musician Juan Garcia Esquivel, bringing both his story and music to life on the page. This picture book not only expands a reader’s knowledge of the life and work of Esquivel, it also helps expand […]

the-wardens-daughter-cover December 06

Heroes and Yes by Jerry Spinelli

I was speaking to a busload of students from the stage of the band shell at Elmwood Park in Norristown, PA. This was, maybe, fifteen years ago. The students, knowing that Norristown is the model for Two Mills in my novel Maniac Magee, were visiting points of interest from that story.   After my remarks, […]

ezra-4 December 05

True Confessions of the Reading Life of a Toddler by Ezra Wyzlic

Today, we host Ezra, a 17-month old, at the Nerdy Book Club. He typed out his own post, but it didn’t make a whole lot of sense. His parents have done their best to interpret for us. Ezra: “plgtp” Interpreter: “Pre-birth, I knew about books. Listening to them being read to me by my dad […]

the-art-of-holding-on-and-letting-go December 04

Facing My Nemesis, Finding My Voice by Kristin Bartley Lenz

English was always my favorite subject and I dreamed of being a writer, but I had an altercation with one of my high school English teachers. Basically, we pissed each other off. We had a misunderstanding; she exploded in anger in front of my peers and demanded an apology from me. My response: “I don’t […]

symptoms-of-being-human December 03

Ten YA Books Featuring Gender Non-Conforming Characters by Amanda Shepard

In the 1960s, when young adult literature was first emerging as a genre, the books published often targeted a specific gender: romances for girls and sports books for boys (according to Michael Cart). With the emergence of LGBTQ YA literature in recent years, this stark divide between genders within YA literature has slowly begun to […]

smile December 02

Repeat Readers by Julie Potvin Kirchner

I recently overheard a teacher asking a student to choose a different book because “you have read all the books in that series.” As I listened to their conversation I got the feeling not only had this student read all the books in the series, but that she had probably read them more than once. […]

nerdy-monster-logo December 01

Looking for a Home, Our 5th Nerdversary by Donalyn Miller

  As I child, I thought I was born into the wrong family. My mom and stepdad fought a lot, and worked multiple jobs to pay our bills. My brother, Wendell, was born with cerebral palsy and needed help with daily functions. My sister, Abbie, was retained in second grade for kicking a teacher during […]