23285687 June 30

A Clatter of Jars by Lisa Graff – Review by Katherine Sokolowski

Sometimes it’s hard to trace back my love of an author. With some authors, one book stands out and I know that’s where we “met.” With other authors, I feel as if I’ve always known them through their books. In the case of Lisa Graff, that seems true. How is it that Absolutely Almost has […]

boycalledbat-cvr_rgb June 29

A Boy Called Bat Cover Reveal by Elana K. Arnold

The first character I remember loving was a little girl with straight brown hair who lived on Klickitat Street. I loved that she was stubborn and imperfect. I loved the way she saw the world from the particular angle that only she, Ramona Quimby, occupied in her family, her school and her community. As I […]

read reflect react June 28


I have three children in elementary school.  I spend evenings with just-right books and book reports and reader’s theater rehearsals. I write children’s books – or try to – every day while they are away. I research trends in picture books, chat with booksellers and librarians, contribute to websites that celebrate children’s literature. I blog […]

IMG_4010 June 27

How My Reading Life Has Been Influenced by My Three Readers by Aileen P. Hower

I started my career as a high school English teacher. At first, I re-read the classics, so I could teach the courses to which I had been assigned. After a few years, I started to “assign” New York Times bestsellers, or Oprah book club books: I was a rebel! When these some of these titles […]

poll award winners June 26

POLL: Your Favorite Award-Winning Books

Every summer when the librarians gather for the ALA Annual Conference, the winners of the Youth Media Awards are honored with a whole host of celebrations. (Tonight marks the 2016 Newbery-Caldecott-Wilder Banquet – and even if you’re not there to enjoy it in person, you can probably get a taste of what’s going on by […]

curveball June 25

Top Ten Titles That Promote Summer Fun by Jennifer Sniadecki

When you think of summer, what motivates you? For some, it’s getting outside and enjoying the warmer weather and sunshine. For others, it’s going on vacation – traveling to exotic places. For you nerdy readers, it’s reading good books. It’s so hard to choose the top ten (my class and I created this list several […]

the sandwich swap June 24

5 Picture Books That Have Influenced My Teaching of Social Justice Issues by Vanessa Capaldo

I am a voracious reader and a devoted middle school English teacher. Every year, my focus has been to teach my students about being kind to others and being an upstander who stands for doing what is right and taking care of those who need it. Here are 5 picture books that have influenced my […]

mr. lincoln June 23

The Great Ways of Mr. Lincoln by Kioka Tuck

You were born with the power to change others. You change people by the way you treat them.  That is what changes the human heart. ~ Patricia Polacco   The first time I was introduced to Patricia Polacco’s work I was enrolled in a Reading Literacy Class in college.  I became a fan of her […]

IslandsEnd_Final June 22

Sailing Oceans of Story by Padma Venkatraman

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl who loved words. She traveled through the pages of books to places she’d never seen, and although none of the heroes or heroines she met looked anything like her, and even though many of those heroes or heroines were narrow-minded enough she probably wouldn’t have wanted […]

dan vs nature June 21

Willing and Eager Reluctant Reader by Don Calame

I am an incredibly slow reader. I am a word by word reader. I might even be a syllable by syllable reader. It makes me an excellent copy editor of my own and others’ work but, sadly, it does not make me the gulper and gorger of books I would like to be. Don’t get […]