October 22

Author Simon Van Booy has the keys to a time machine. Let’s see how he got them, and where he wants to go!

                My new fantasy adventure novel—my first book for young readers—is called Gertie Milk & the Keeper of Lost Things. It was inspired by my daughter, who said there weren’t enough tough girl characters in books.  Agreed. She also wanted an action book that was funny, and maybe just a little bit scary too. I […]

October 21

Ten Loud Picture Books that Speak Volumes by Jackie Leathers

A while back, I wrote a post entitled, Ten Quiet Picture Books that Speak Volumes which described ten books that quietly deliver strong messages.  Some books whisper, but some books shout.  Here are ten picture books that are loud in one way or another.   The Loud Book by Deborah Underwood (Houghton Mifflin, 2011) Deborah […]

October 18

Top 10 Signs of Hope for Own Voice Poetry by Margarita Engle

A few years ago, I was introduced at a writer’s conference as the only happy attendee, because I was a poet, and poets don’t expect to make money, so they are never disappointed. I’m afraid that’s still true for most of us, but one thing has changed: I no longer go around referring to poetry […]

October 17

THE GENDER DANCE by Lesléa Newman

“What are little boys made of? What are little boys made of? Snips and snails And puppy-dogs’ tails That’s what little boys are made of   What are little girls made of? What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice And everything nice That’s what little girls are made of”   Aren’t you glad […]

October 16

Vision by Sandy Brehl

One morning last summer I spent a few hours at a local hospital having minor eye surgery. I knew that this procedure would improve my vision, but I won’t deny that the prospect of losing my sight, as unlikely as that was, left me feeling jittery.   There was no reason for concern, though. I […]

October 15

On the Level by Donalyn Miller

  While I was visiting an elementary school library in Chicago last spring, a group of third graders came into the library to return and check out books. The children wore index cards clipped to their shirts. On one side of the card was the child’s name. On the back, layers of sticky labels with […]

October 14

The Books That Bind Us by Susan Knell

I had the opportunity to visit The Netherlands and Germany this summer, and like many teachers, I try to find children’s books from the culture I’m visiting. Bringing back children’s books from trips, whether across the state or across the ocean and sharing them with students is a wonderful way to show them the world. […]

October 13

Cover Reveal: Takedown by Laura Shovan

I’m thrilled to be revealing the cover of my next middle grade novel at Nerdy Book Club today! Writing this book was a big stretch for me. My first book, The Last Fifth Grade of Emerson Elementary, was a verse novel. Not only is Takedown written in prose, it’s a sports story.   My son had been wrestling […]

October 12

Cover Reveal for Whatshisface by Gordon Korman 

My first “cover reveal” took place in 1977. I was a fourteen-year-old high school freshman. In those days, a cover reveal consisted of seeing your first copy of the printed book. It had come in the mail, and my mom brought it to my high school so she could be the first to show it […]

October 11

Cover Reveal for PRIDE WARS: The Spinner Prince by Matt Laney

Earth…millions of years from now. Humans are no more. A new species of super-evolved felines rules the planet. A Prince must hide a dangerous and forbidden power he cannot control. Can he conceal his curse, claim the throne, and protect his realm? Or will he embrace his power and discover a far greater destiny?   I’m […]