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(New Year’s Eve seems a perfect time to think about the goals we have for the year ahead. To think about where we want to grow and what we need to do to get there.  In my usual tradition, my main goals each year have to do with fitness and exercise…) So, I am not […]

Writing Style

Melina and HD are 12 and 13 year old book bloggers that love books. Texans at heart and readers at mind, they love gushing about books and finding new read. Melina’s favorite reads at the moment include Fracture by Megan Miranda and The Gone Novels by Michael Grant. HD is currently obsessing over Fracture as […]

Permission Granted

I’ve always been a voracious reader. I couldn’t tell you exactly when it started, but growing up in a house surrounded by books and seeing my parents and older brother reading all the time made a difference. It’s just what we did. Seeing the models of good reading around me, and that it was a […]

A New Year of Nerdy

Determined to continue this blog as a place for readers to celebrate books and authors, wave our nerdy reading flags, and share why books and reading matter to us and the children in our lives, I invite you to contribute your ideas and opinions about 2012 Nerdy Book Club Blog content. Take the Nerdy Book Club Community Survey […]

A Dozen Funerals

A dozen funerals. A village of 300 people. A dozen funerals. One school year. A dozen funerals. A Native Alaskan community where nearly everyone is related. A dozen funerals. The second week of school last year a student of ours committed suicide.  A few weeks later a recent graduate in the neighboring village committed suicide. […]

Just Let Them Read

One of the hardest things I have to do as a teacher is to tell that kid to stop reading and start listening. You know the ones. They have furtively slipped a book onto their lap, and as I drone on about figurative language or vocabulary rules or narrative arc, they are immersed completely in […]

Holiday Thank-you Notes

Dear Nerdy Book Club Members, I’m sure many of your families had holiday traditions when you were growing up. My family did, too. One of our family Christmas traditions was that on December 26, my Christmas loot was basically held hostage by my mother until I wrote my thank-you notes. Year after year, my kind, […]

Happy Holidays from our Reading Spots

Happy holidays Nerdy Book Club members.  Thanks for sending your pictures.

Sharp and Schu Gift Books

Can you think of anything better to get or give as a gift than a book? Mr. Sharp and Mr. Schu are giving lots of books this holiday season. Check out their videos below, to see the wonderful books they are giving. You might notice a few Nerdies winners in the video. We would love […]

The 2011 Middle Grade Fiction Nerdies Go to…

Middle Grade Fiction Wonderstruck By Brian Selznick Wonderstruck was moving, captivating, and inspiring. I had this book on pre-order but when it arrived, my students begged me to let them have it first. Once I did, it passed from hand to hand, never returning to my desk so I could have it. When I saw […]