Book Addict

Hello fellow Nerdy Book Clubbers.  My name is Kellee Moye and I am a book addict.

It all started when my parents pushed me as a young child to read as many books as I could.  They even offered to buy me any book that I wanted.  Other parents found this deplorable that a parent would enable their child in that way, but to me it was a dream come true.  They may not have known that the small tastes they were giving me would make me become an addict, but I knew from my first words read of Ten Apples up on Top that books were my drug and I needed more.

My habit was pretty steady through early elementary school getting high on Dr. Seuss, Roald Dahl, Betsy books by Carolyn Haywood, Ramona books by Beverly Cleary.  But then I found the hard stuff: The Baby-Sitters Club Series.  My parents couldn’t keep up with my habit.  I was a junky.  Not only did the books suck me in, but there were hundreds of them.   I was reading one book a day, but I couldn’t get enough.  I kept popping those books until I had read them all.

But The Baby-sitter’s Club were just gateway books to other books that would change my life.  The Giver which made me realize how important history, art, choice and diversity are and made me never take them for granted again. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn made me realize how lucky I was. The Sun Also Rises which taught me to trust my morals. Animal Farm which showed me that not all books have only one meaning.  Prozac Nation which helped me understand many aspects of life. Wide Sargasso Sea which helped me learn to not judge. And so many more…

Once I was in the book world, I couldn’t get out.  If you are a book addict you know, once books have sucked you in, it is hard to leave.  So, now as an adult, I am a book dealer.  I supply my students with books that will hopefully become their addiction.  It just takes that one taste of something that they can’t resist and they’ll be sucked into the book world forever, too.

Kellee Moye

Kellee is a 7th grade reading teacher in Orlando.  She blogs at Teach Mentor Texts ( and is @KelleeMoye on Twitter.