A New Year of Nerdy

Determined to continue this blog as a place for readers to celebrate books and authors, wave our nerdy reading flags, and share why books and reading matter to us and the children in our lives, I invite you to contribute your ideas and opinions about 2012 Nerdy Book Club Blog content.

Take the Nerdy Book Club Community Survey and help shape the future of the Nerdy Book Club. It will only take a few minutes and the survey is infinitely less painful than our recent Nerdy Book Club Award ballot!

While Colby, Cindy, and I manage the daily management of the Nerdy Book Club blog, we invite anyone who wishes to participate and contribute to site content. Our ongoing mission:

Every reader has value and a voice in this community.

Thank you for making the Nerdy Book Club a marvelous place for readers. Let’s make 2012 even better.

-Donalyn Miller