The Next Wave of Nerdy

It is hard to believe that the Nerdy Book Club blog is only six weeks old. From the First Nerdy Book Awards to the revealing posts about our reading lives, this community continues to grow into something special—a place where readers from diverse backgrounds and experiences come together to share our book love and our work with young readers.

Looking long term at what the Nerdy Book Club can offer its members, we asked you to participate in our Nerdy Book Club Community Survey and provide your input about the types of posts you want to see on this blog in 2012. Hundreds of readers responded to the survey. Thank you! Your suggestions and support helped us create a plan for how the blog will look and the content it will contain.

Based on your feedback, each week of Nerdy Book Club posts will follow this general schedule:

Monday—Reading Lives: We embrace the Nerdy Book Club now, but we all took different paths to get here. Guest bloggers revisit the origins of their reading lives and encourage us to remember why reading matters.

Tuesday—Author Visit: Different authors will appear each Tuesday to discuss their reading and writing experiences and share their books. Guest bloggers will write posts about their favorite authors or the authors their students or children love to read most, too.

Wednesday—New Book Review: Remain current on the latest children’s books and contribute your own reviews for books that have been published in the last 12 months. You can trust the recommendations of other nerdy readers!

Thursday—Retro Book Review: Do you ever feel as if you miss out on great books because you’re always reading new stuff? Do you have tried and true titles that are perennial favorites with kids? How about a book from your childhood that you adore? Thursdays offer a blast from the past—book reviews about titles that are 12 months old or older—as far back as you want to go.

Friday—Pay It Forward: If there is one thing that unites all of us, it is our commitment to promoting reading and books to children. On Fridays, we invite you to share your ideas for endorsing books, encouraging children to read, launching literacy initiatives, and celebrating reading in your classrooms, libraries, homes, and communities.

Saturday—Top Ten: We all have our favorites—from book covers to reading apps to poetry titles. Create a top ten list on any reading topic or theme and reveal it in a Saturday post.

Sunday—Surprise Sunday: Who knows what surprises 2012 holds for nerdy readers? It might be an amazing book trailer or newsworthy children’s literature event. It might be a contest or an author’s interview. We have set aside Sundays for these unexpected treasures.

Creating a vibrant place where we can find inspiration, ideas, and great book recommendations requires as many voices as possible. This means you. Each member of the Nerdy Book Club has something to contribute. Please consider submitting posts in 2012. Show your interest by providing your information in this Google form.

Thank you for continuing to make the Nerdy Book Club a home for every reader.

*Many of you produce incredible content on your own blogs and websites. You may certainly cross-post your Nerdy Book Club submissions on your own sites.

-Donalyn Miller