Top Ten Invented Words by My Students That Could Be Used to Describe the Nerdy Book Community (as interpreted by me)

Each year, as we study the origins of the English Language, my students invent their own words and we use a wiki to add to an ever-growing CrazyCollaborativeDictionaryProject. It is an online dictionary — with some podcasts by student word inventors – that grows by about 80 words every year, and allows for collaboration across time and space (cue: Star Trek theme). I had pitched the idea of finding words in a real dictionary to describe us Nerdy Book Clubbers but that struck me as boring almost as soon as I suggested it. Instead, I went to our Crazy Dictionary to find words invented by my students that might better describe either us or our book-loving mania. These are in alphabetic, not numerical, order. – Kevin


Bzeeb (2006) – The act of being cool.

    I know you are bzeeb, man, ‘cause you’re hanging out with other book lovers. I hope some of your bzeebiness flows to me, too. – Kevin

Ecallow (2011)— When you get stuck in a book and you don’t hear anything around you.Listentothedefinition

    I am often in this escallow zone, particularly when I am in a passage with something intense going on. I block out the entire world. You? — Kevin

Flibergish (2011)– The act of eating a book.Listentothedefinition

    Sometimes, well, we get a little hungry. Particularly late at night. A book can be vey inviting and you might just get a little flibergish now and then. Spit out the punctuation, though. Those marks will give you indigestion! – Kevin

Kanban(2008) Someone who mushes words together.Listentothedefinition

    WhenItypereallyfastsometimesmyfingersmovequickerthanmybrainandIcouldbeconsideredaKabanatthatmoment. (PS — it’s difficult to write like that!) – Kevin

Nosidamic (2010) – The language spoken by people in a secret land.Listentotheword

    Our secret land is the world of literature. And our language is love. – Kevin

Pimip (2007) — A word that means awesome, cool, and amazing (2007)Listentothedefinition

    Synonym: bzeeb. Example? The Nerdy Book Club. – Kevin

Thoughtopter (2011)- A device that will pick up brain waves and will write down your thoughts on paper or on a computer.Listentothedefinition

    Maybe, someday, the stories in our heads will just magically transform onto paper and bind itself up and present it to a reader. Until then, it’s all finger and toes. What? You don’t use your toes to write? – Kevin

Wordieworder  (2007) A person who uses large words in their vocabulary Listentothedefinition

    All you bibliophiles and wordieworders will no doubt scour the lexiconical world for other examples of large words. The largest word on our Crazy Dictionary is Aheolaphoalamprosolpooslopeleroadeasoloper (2005), which means very small dog. I know you wanted to know that. – Kevin

Zciwohcalism (2006) – The act of looking at the ceiling when thinking hard about something.

    I’m doing it right now as I write this post. You probably will do it, too. I even had a revelation: there’s a cobweb up there. – Kevin

Zenalania(2008) A place of zen and tranquilityListentothedefinition

    If there is ever a word that describes the appeal of the Nerdy Book Club, this is it. It’s a place of zenalania, and I am happy to be part of it. – Kevin


Kevin Hodgson teaches sixth grade and mostly uses simple words. He blogs at Kevin’s Meandering Mind (