Top Ten Reasons We Love YA Literature

We at Girls in the Stacks love reading Young Adult literature!  While we may be more on the “A” side of YA (*ahem*), these books take us back to our wonder years and remind us of our lives before careers, kids and mortgages.  For us, YA is about adventure, discovery, first romances and coming of age – can you blame us for wanting more?

So, in fitting #nerdybookclub style we give you our TOP TEN REASONS WE LOVE YA – using some great YA titles.
10. YA is CATCHING FIRE and we want to tell all our PEEPS, and THE OUTSIDERS, their many virtues.   

9. We never feel like LITTLE WOMEN when we read YA, instead they make us feel like BEAUTIFUL CREATURES.

8. They’re quick reads so we don’t have to LINGER on one book too long, we can read them STUPID FAST.
7. YA books SHINE like no other, their plots and characters make us SHIVER with delight, FOREVER.
6. We feel like REBEL ANGELS when we read them.
5. They are a HOOT and we love to go ALONG FOR THE RIDE.
4. Each and every time we pick up a book it’s like a CHAMBER OF SECRETS  waiting to be explored.
3. They ILLUMINATE us, AWAKEN us and SPEAK to us, and sometimes leave us LOST FOR WORDS.
2. The RUMORS are true, we HUNGER for YA because they light our PANTS ON FIRE.
1. Really, there is no question about it; THE FUTURE OF US depends upon reading YA.
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