Smoky The Cowhorse (#nerdbery)

In mid-December teacher-librarian Mr. Schu asked me if I’d be interested in reading every Newbery Medal winning book with him. I thought he was nuts. After a few direct messages (Twitter), text messages, and emails later I decided to go for it. The last thing that I wanted was to feel left out. One of my favorite parts of having an online reading community is the experiences we share together. I did not want John to complete this challenge without me.

Two months and six books into the challenge, I am so glad I decided to embark on this epic journey with Mr. Schu, and the rest of our Newbery Challenge friends. The books have been pretty bad, but sharing and talking books with Mr. Schu and company is always a joy.

Mr. Schu Describes Nerdbery

It’s not too late to join the challenge. More information can be found on Mr Schu’s blog.

For each book, John and I create a video where we talk about what we thought of the book.  Today we are talking about 1927 Newbery Medal winning book Smoky the Cowhorse.


Mr. Schu’s Video

My Smoky Video


On February 11, John and I were together for the Anderson’s Children’s Literature Breakfast. The breakfast was a great opportunity for us to film a #nerdbery video together.


Colby Sharp


Colby is a fourth grade teacher in Battle Creek, MI. He helps out with #titletalk and #nerdybookclub.