Ame + Dan

Today on the Nerdy Book Blog, we have the author and illustrator of BOY + BOT:  Ame Dyckman and Dan Yaccarino.  One is a brand-new newbie.  The other is a seasoned pro.  Let’s hear from the pro first.

AME:  Hi, everybody!

DAN:  Um, Ame?  The Announcer Guy said that the pro goes first.

AME:  But, he meant me, right?  I’m the Nerdy Book Club pro!

DAN:  What?  You are not book nerdier than me!

AME:  Am too, Dan!  I love books so much, when I was little, I wanted to live in the library.

DAN:  Lots of kids want to live in the library, Ame.

AME:  Yes, but I wove a sleeping mat out of bookmarks and made myself a bed on the P-Q shelf.

DAN:  Okay, that’s a teeny bit book nerdy.  But when I was little, I ate three Dr. Seuss books because I loved them so much. Unfortunately, they didn’t love me back.

AME:  What happened?

DAN:  They made me nau-Seuss.

AME:  Ew!  Maybe that’s a bit book nerdy.  But I’m so book nerdy, after I read the part in Pierre where the lion eats Pierre, I never said “I don’t care” again.

DAN:  I don’t believe you.

AME:  I don’t c—oh, nice try, Dan!

DAN:  Well, I’m so book nerdy, after I read The Carrot Seed, I actually planted a             carrot seed.

AME:  Did a carrot come up?

DAN:  Yes.  Just as I had known it would.

AME:  Good job!  But I’m still book nerdier.  After I read Rikki Tikki Tavi, I tried to convince my parents we needed a mongoose to protect us from cobras in the backyard.

DAN:  Did that work?

AME:  No.  We were living in Alaska.

DAN:  Sorry!  But I’m so book nerdy, I used to wear a wolf suit like Max in Where The Wild Things Are.

AME:  When did you wear that?

DAN:  Until 2 years ago.  It shrunk in the dryer.

AME:  Bummer.  Well, I’m so book nerdy, I read all 13 of the A Series of Unfortunate Events books at Disney World.

DAN:  So?  The ride lines are really long.

AME:  I read on Space Mountain.

DAN:  How—

AME:  Itty Bitty Book Light.  I never leave home without it.

DAN:  Whoa.  Pretty book nerdy there, Ame.  But I’m so book nerdy, I bought the old wooden card catalogue from my library, and it’s now in my living room.


DAN:  So, are you admitting I’m book nerdier than you?

AME:  No!  Wait!  I… I haven’t seen the top of my coffee table in years!  I have books in languages I don’t even know!  I wanted to name my cat ‘Aslan!’  I’m so book nerdier than you!

DAN:  I’m book nerdier than you!

AME:  I’m book nerdier than THOU!

DAN:  (laughing) That was really nerdy!

AME:  (giggling) You weren’t too bad yourself.  Want to play robots now?

DAN:  Affirmative!  Back to you, Announcer Guy.

BOY + BOT, a humorous friendship story about a boy, a robot, and a little misunderstanding, debuts April 10th from Alfred A. Knopf.  BOY + BOT is Ame’s first book and Dan’s fifty-fourth.  And they are both proud members of the Nerdy Book Club.


Mr. Schu is debuting the Boy + Bot trailer today on his blog.