Eye of the Storm by Kate Messner

Eye of the Storm by Kate Messner

Published March 13, 2012

I have loved all the books I have read written by Kate Messner, so when I saw a chance to be one of the first to read her new middle grade book, Eye of the Storm last summer, I jumped at it. She was looking for teachers and librarians to read her new book and discuss it using Google Hangouts. I immediately submitted my name and waited on baited breath to see if I would be chosen to participate.  When I received a message from Kate Messner, that I was chosen and would be receiving a signed copy of the book, I literally jumped up and down.  The next day at summer school I told my Blast Through Books (the best summer school class ever where we read books of our own choice and discussed them through Edmodo and small group discussions) class my great news and they all got it!  See that is what it is like being a part of a community of readers.  You get it, when these cool book experiences happen.  Here is a picture of the envelope I received with the book inside it. Yes, I am that nerd who took a picture of it prove to my students that it came from the author. I enjoyed sharing my thoughts with other librarians and teachers about this book.  It was great to ask Kate Messner questions about the book and the characters. I have Skyped with her with my students for book clubs several times with different books she has written.  Did I mention she does this during her lunch, since she is till in the classroom teaching every day?  What an amazing author!

This book is amazing!  It is full of suspense, and the characters are so well developed that you feel like you know them.  Jaden is sent to go live with her father for the summer while her mom goes on a work assignment. She hasn’t spent much time with in recent years because of his research and him starting a new family. She will also be attending a well-known science camp while she is with her dad. The setting is in the future about fifty years from now and killer tornadoes are the norm and happen often.  Jaden’s father is a scientist and has built a corporation around trying to keep people safe from these killer storms. He even built a “Storm Safe” community where storms do not reach. Jaden makes fast friends with some of the kids that live in the storm safe community who are attending the camp with her.  They are ach given a data slate which is a mix of an I-pad and a phone. The science and the technology are intriguing and fit well for fifty years in the future. They are given science experiments to do take through the scientific process.  When this happens, Jaden and her friends uncover strange things that puzzle them and put them on a road of danger and mystery to prove their hypothesis to their science experiments. If you like to be on the edge of your seat and you like dystopian novels, you will love this book by Kate Messner! This book is by far my favorite Kate Messner book so far.

Melissa Biehl is in her third year as librarian at Bellerive Elementary in St. Louis, Missouri. She sometimes has to pinch herself that she gets paid to do a job that brings her so much joy! She loves kids and books and connecting books and people is lifetime passion of hers.  She can be found traveling near and far to meet and talk with authors as she loves sharing these stories with her students.  She often brings authors to her school in both person and through Skype for her students to build relationships with the authors they love. She also dreams of having Kate Messner visit her school. You can find her on Twitter @mbiehl1.