A Sincere and Gracious Thank You!

Something wonderful happened last week.

If you are on Twitter or follow the Nerdy Book Club Facebook page, you probably already know this bit of good news:

The Nerdy Book Club won the Independent Book Blogger Award for the Young Adult and Children’s category*!

While thanking the kind folks who voted for us in the Goodreads polls in April is important, thanks must go out to the people who have made this site what it is – a home for those of us who love books, love reading, and love inspiring that love of reading in others.

This site has been so blessed from the beginning with so many people who have been willing to share glimpses of their personal reading lives with us in so many ways. We’ve told stories, shared pictures, and recommended titles old and new.  For so many, this virtual space feels like home to us – a place where we are among friends who understand how we maintain magnificent stacks of books  & TBR lists that are a mile long, imagine bookshelves for every square inch of wall space in our homes,  booktalk titles to those we love and strangers alike, choose what books to take on a trip before ever deciding on any outfits to pack.

This site represents this community and gives us a place to take a few minutes a day to recognize the significance and power that books have over others in reading their posts. We read. Sometimes we comment. Always we see a bit of ourselves.

This site would be nothing without those who contribute to it.

It is an honor that I accept with great gratitude that I will go to New York City to receive this award on behalf of all of you on June 4 at the BEA Book Blogger Conference.

Thank you.


Cindy Minnich

* This award was a joint effort by both Goodreads and the Association of American Publishers.  You can read the Goodreads announcement as well as the Association of American Publishers announcement to learn more about the award, the winners, and the finalists.

Cindy lives with her husband and six-year-old son in Millersburg, PA. She teaches 9th and 12th grade English and advises yearbook at Upper Dauphin Area High School. The best part about her job is seeing her students discover books again. The best part about motherhood is seeing that her son loves books as much as she does. She can be found on Twitter at @cbethm.