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My Top Ten EPIC Heroes. Or Heroines! by Angie Oliverson

Two loves (well, three if you count chocolate chip cookies and four if you count my family … but I digress): books. And movies. Can I say that here? But not any kind of movie. EPIC movies. Which often come from EPIC books. Or cases where they should have made an EPIC movie from the […]

You Aren’t Really Alone by Kimberley Moran

There has never been a single moment in my life that couldn’t somehow be connected to a book. My mother read Goodnight Moon to me every single night. It was a part of our nighttime routine—signed in stone—along with singing Rock a Bye Baby, back rubbing, glasses of water, 38 hugs, and the pesky, “You sat on his bed […]

A Bad Boy Can Be Good for a Girl by Tanya Lee Stone Reviewed by Angela Quiram

Title: A Bad Boy Can Be Good for a Girl Author: Tanya Lee Stone Publisher: Wendy Lamb Books Publication Date: 2006 Good Reads Synopsis    Why I Read It I was in the library looking for books written in verse. I am trying to write my own book in verse and wanted to study books […]

Soulbound (Legacy of Tril #1) by Heather Brewer Reviewed by Rachel Harcrow

Soulbound (Legacy of Tril #1) Published June 19,2012 by Dial From the Publisher: Tril is a world where Barrons and Healers are Bound to each other: Barrons fight and Healers cure their Barrons’ wounds in the ongoing war with the evil Graplar King. Seventeen-year-old Kaya was born a Healer, but she wants to fight. In […]

Small as an Elephant by Jennifer Jacobson

  Small as an Elephant by Jennifer Jacobson Publisher: Candlewick Press, March 2011   Awards and Recognitions: Parents’ Choice Gold Fiction Award  ( 2012 Maine Lupine Award ( 2012 IRA Young Adult Choices Reading List ( 2012-2013 Maine Student Book Award Nominee ( 2012-2013 Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children’s Book Award Nominee ( Spring 2011 Kid’s […]

Embracing the Nerdy by Lauren Donovan

Let me set the scene: my 8th birthday party. Sleepover: pretty big deal. My friends had taken the bus home with me on a Friday afternoon. Everyone was ready to get down and celebrate (as much as second graders can) when I suggested that we all do our weekend assignment of 30 minutes quiet reading […]

Life Gets in the Way of Books by Rose Cooper

I have a confession to make. Come closer, I’ll tell you.  Closer…closer…ok! Now, lean in and I’ll whisper in your ear… BOOKS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Okay, so that isn’t exactly a confession. And I kind of shouted it, but I was so excited I couldn’t help myself. But I do actually have a confession. One that […]

Top 10 Reading Events in My 4th Grade Classroom (As Chosen By My Readers)

I believe in independent reading. I believe in high quality mini-lessons. I believe in reading aloud. Reading a ton of self-selected books every single day, coupled with high quality mini-lessons and read alouds make for a pretty rocking reading environment. I also want to provide my readers with reading events. Events, centered around reading, that […]

Reading Around the Fire

Like many other kids, teens and young adults, the arrival of summer for me meant camp was just around the corner. My packing list for the resident camp I attended and then worked for probably does not look too unusual: Bug Spray (mosquitoes, mosquitoes, mosquitoes) Sunscreen (if only it ever got taken out of the […]

Retro Review: Half Magic by Edward Eager

I admit it. I’m a book nut. When I read one book and enjoy it, I tend to try to read everything else by the author whether a series or single titles. I love being a teacher librarian as I can pass that passion on to hundreds of children yearly. When I was growing up, […]