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Dedication by Annette Simon

To you, my companion, The Picture Book. Together, we’ve smelled flowers with Ferdinand and walked to Paris with Henri, planted a rainbow and grownvegetable soup. We’ve rocked in our school shoes. We’ve rhymed with dust bunnies. Under a red tree and anowl moon, we’ve gone on a bear hunt to where the sidewalk ends. We’ve […]

Favorite Books I Read to My Kids by Megan Bostic

I have two daughters, now ages 14 and 16. We used to read all the time when they were little. I have to say, I was really picky about the books I read to my girls. I wanted funny. I wanted touching. I wanted educational. I wanted beautiful and/or vibrant illustrations. So here are a […]

The Expected/Unexpected Text by Kevin Hodgson

As an adult reader, I revel in the unexpected. I don’t want formula from the books I read. I want to experience twists and turns. I want my writers to take me on what appears to be a familiar walk and then turn it into an unknown adventure. But as a child, I was almost […]

Top Ten Literary YA Reads by Beth Shaum

Many of us who read YA literature with regularity know what a wealth of great authors are out there writing today. So a rash of recent articles calling for us to only read Classics or proclaiming some books are more equal than others really bothered many of us who are fighting to show everyone what […]

Sharing the Joy of Books by Kristen Keyser

Life, for me, has been divided into colorful arrangements of books. My childhood is marked with books big and small – read-along and picture books. My adolescence navigated by books that chipped away at my teenage angst. They helped me look beyond myself. I ate up the words of authors S.E. Hinton, Madeleine L’Engle, Gary […]

Life Lessons from Louisa: Little Women by Colette Marie Bennett

Louisa May Alcott’s seminal work Little Woman is on the recommended list of “Texts Illustrating the Complexity, Quality, & Range of Student Reading 6-8 for the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)-English Language Arts.” My teacher brain considers the academic value this book has in vocabulary and style and determines this classic novel is worthy of […]

Jack and Larry by Barbara Gregorich Reviewed by Mike Curtis

Larry the Cleveland Baseball Dog!   Did you know there was such a thing?  It sounds like an unwelcome character in one of those Disney Air Bud movies about dogs playing basketball and going to the moon and running for president…  but it’s not.  Larry was real, he was the Cleveland Baseball Dog, and his story […]

Tales of a History Nerd by Sarah Albee

Hello, Nerdy Book Clubbers! My name is Sarah Albee, and I’m honored to be here today. I love reading (and writing about) history—social history, especially—and I want kids to love it, too. As a writer, I especially want to reach that ever-elusive population of kids who think they hate to read, let alone read history. […]

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle’s Magic – Review by Mindy Hardwick

I was lucky to grow up a home where reading was given high priority. My parents read to my brother and I, and books were regular gifts at birthdays and holidays. To this day, I can go to my bookshelf, flip open any of my childhood books and find the inscription from my parents or […]

A Nerdy Book Club Confession by Shana Burg

I have a confession to make. Come closer, so I can whisper! Okay, here goes: as a kid in elementary school, I didn’t go to the library and load up on story books. I didn’t hide under the covers with a flashlight reading well after lights out. Of course, the reason I’m whispering this secret […]