Why Do You Believe In Picture Books? by Danielle Smith

Opening the pages of a picture book before the eyes of a first time reader unlocks a world of imagination and new realities. My passion and love for the picture book goes beyond the words on the pages of these life changing books. Each page filled with the possibilities of adventure, hope, shape, refuge, anxiety, color, joy, friendships, dangers, love and more. They are, for most, the first interaction we have with books and that initial connection and love lasts a lifetime.

Over the last couple of years a few opinions have come out in quite a different tone about the power picture books have and some have even claimed they’re no longer a staple for young readers. From my own personal experience with these incredible books I know that’s not the case. While at Book Expo America this year I discovered that I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. In fact, there’s now an entire year long event being held by Candlewick Press to celebrate picture books called, “We Believe In Picture Books!”

Each day of the year they’ll be celebrating picture books by sharing a different video from picture book believers everywhere. During my time learning about the event at BEA I was able to record a video about why I believe in picture books. I’m honestly surprised I made it through without bursting into tears, but I’m thrilled I did it. Being that a number of the Nerdy Book Club members are also avid vloggers I’m guessing a number of you would be thrilled to share your love for picture books as well and Candlewick is looking for more videos! I’d love to see a huge group of Nerdy Book Club members be a part of this great event! Here’s a little info on how to get involved:

Website: We Believe In Picture Books!
Fill out the Release Form (A must do!)
Contact: Sean with Candlewick – anniversaryvideo@candlewick.com

Picture books have changed my life, the lives of everyone in my family and countless friends. They open worlds of imagination and connect readers to each other in ways that nothing else can. And “We Believe In Picture Books!” is an event that has the potential to bring together readers from all over the world in celebration of the very thing that is the beginning of a lifelong love of reading, picture books.

Why do you believe in picture books?


Danielle Smith is the mother to two crazy kiddos affectionately nicknamed the Turkeybird and Littlebug. Most of her days are spent digging her way through the piles of picture books her children bring to her each day, but when she’s not reading to them she can be found writing middle grade novels, blogging at her site There’s A Book, on Twitter as @the1stdaughter  and  working with local  literacy programs in her community & online.

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