First Read Aloud Pictures by Colby Sharp

Many Nerdy Book Club members are teachers and librarians that are getting ready to, or have already headed back to school. If they are anything like me, the first book they read aloud to students is something that they think about for most of the summer. Maybe they read the same book every year, maybe they are super excited about a new first read aloud book they are going to read this year.

Whatever the case, whatever the book, Nerdy Book Club wants a picture of you holding the first book you plan on reading aloud to your students. It doesn’t have to be the very first book you plan to read aloud. If it is a book that you are super excited about reading the first two weeks of school, snap a picture of it and send it to Nerdy Book Club. If you are not a teacher or a librarian we would still love a picture. Just send us a picture of you holding a book that you will be reading over the next couple of weeks. We will be running a video of all of the pictures Labor Day.

Deadline for pictures is Friday, August 31, 11:59 P.M. EST.

How to Submit a Photo:

1. Send the picture to the Nerdy Book Club email:

2. Tweet your picture using the hashtag #nerdybookclub


August 31- 11:59 PM EST

For the last several years I have read Fig Pudding as my first read aloud. This year I have chosen a different book as my first  read aloud to my fourth graders. I can’t wait to share my new book choice in the video:)

Colby Sharp


Colby is a fourth grade teacher in Battle Creek, MI. He helps out with #titletalk and #nerdybookclub.