Skype Tour: Stephen McCranie

When graphic novel author and illustrator Stephen McCranie starting telling me (Colby Sharp) about his idea to Skype with as many classrooms as he could, I got extremely excited. I have found that connecting my students to authors/illustrators via Skype is one their favorite things that we do in our classroom. When Stephen shared his idea of how he was going to draw for the students during the Skype I got even more excited. Nerdy Book Club friends, this is an opportunity you do not want to pass up.

Check out what Steven, Mal, and Chad have to say about this amazing adventure by reading the comic below. If you mention Nerdy Book Club in the “questions and comments” section Stephen will email you a pdf of the first chapter of the next Mal and Chad book.

Skype Visits are currently: Available until the end of 2012!


Can you give me a more detailed description of the visit?

Each visit will be 20 minutes long and will include a short introduction, a presentation on how to draw comics, and then drawing requests.

What about a time for question and answer?

After the visit, students can contact me directly with questions via email or twitter. Teachers may also email me a list of the class’s questions for me to answer.

How can I arrange a test call to make sure skype is working properly?

I’ll be calling you a couple minutes before the talk to make sure everything works, but if you don’t feel confident about your setup and want to make sure everything will work right, we can arrange a time to do a test call the day before.

I’ve never read Mal and Chad. Do my class and I need to read it before the skype visit?

Nope! I’ll cover everything you need to know to make the presentation enjoyable during my introduction. (If you have read the books though, you’re my hero.)

What happens if I have to cancel last minute or skype doesn’t work?

It’s cool! I know stuff comes up. We’ll just reschedule.

I don’t have a skype account.

Well, click here to get started!

Have any more questions? Feel free to email me!