The Top 5 Reasons You Should Join the Sharp-Schu Book Club! By Niki Barnes and her 2nd Grade Students

Reason #1: You will get to know Colby Sharp. He is the sharp read man in the #SharpSchu book club. Colby is very passionate about children’s books, teaching fourth grade and the Tigers. I adore Colby’s passion for books, his blog and his tweets. If you love children’s books, I highly recommend you join Twitter and follow Colby Sharp. You can find him hanging out at #titletalk with his #nerdybookclub friends, reading a #nerdbery and of course sharing his favorite books in the #SharpSchu book club.

Reason #2: You will get to know John “Does he EVER sleep?” Schu. He is the MAN!! He has read every book in children’s literature and gotten just as many of those books signed by the authors. I’m not kidding! I’ve decided he either doesn’t sleep or has found a way to read and sleep at the same time. I’ve asked him- but he isn’t telling me how he reads that many books in a year, has all those amazing books in his school library, laminates so many posters, collects so many stuffed animals or meets all my favorite authors (darn him!). If you love books and are not following Mr. Schu on Twitter, what pray tell are you waiting for?!

Reason #3: You will read amazing children’s books. The book nerd in you will be in Heaven! Trust me on this one.

Reason #4: You will actually get to Tweet with the authors of the amazing children’s books you have just read. That’s right! You can talk to the authors and ask them questions about their awesome books. Or if you are anything like me you can just gush to them about how fabulous they are like a nerdy lunatic fan.

Reason #5: And last but not least, your students can join in on the fun! In fact, during the September #SharpSchu book club my students and I read the books together. I shared my students thoughts about the books at the book club meet up on Twitter. The students really got a kick out of writing about what they liked about each book. Here is a recap of the 5 books from the book club and some of my student’s thoughts on each of them.

Rocket Writes A Story by Tad Hills

I like this book because it inspires me to write more and more each day. –Clara
I liked how the bird was the teacher. –Marissa
I liked it when the bird put all those words on the tree. –Masyn

Boy +Bot by Ame Dyckman Illustrated by Dan Yaccarino

I liked the whole thing because it was funny. –Pablo
I liked it when the robot tried to put a battery in the boy. –Laura
I liked how Bot treated the Boy like a Bot and the Boy treated the Bot like a Boy. -Justice

Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett Illustrated by Jon Klassen

I love your book because it is unique. –Clara
I like this story because she knits everything, even the dogs and the tow truck. -Cole
I loved the part where everything was covered with yarn. –Dylan

Here Comes the Girl Scouts! by Shana Corey Illustrated by Hadley Hopper

I liked it when they tip toed out of their sleeping bags and slept under the stars. –Laura
I loved being in the Girl Scouts. –Clara
I liked the story because she plants more trees and goes on hikes. –Cole

The Gentleman Bug by Julian Hector

I liked the book because at the end they both were reading books. And I love to read books. –Sam
I like the story. It is funny and the ending is adorable. –Emilie
I like the library in the story. It is the coolest thing ever. –Cooper

Join Colby Sharp @colbysharp and John Schu @mrschureads for the next #SharpSchu book club which meets on November 7th at 8p.m. ET on Twitter. Check out what books will be discussed at Mr. Schu’s blog.

Niki Barnes is a 2nd grade teacher in Michigan. Her secret inner book nerd was released when she was introduced to Twitter by Donalyn Miller @donalynbooks. She is a proud (library) card carrying member of the #nerdybookclub. Colby Sharp and John Schu are two of her favorite friends to follow on Twitter. She feels very blessed to share ideas and her love of books with so many amazing authors, teachers and librarians.