Top Ten Ways To Get Into The Nerdy Book Club

The following list is what happens when numerous members of the Nerdy Book Club gather in a sleep-deprived state at a national conference and start talking!

Please note: This is tongue-in-cheek humor. Laugh a little –  it’s good for you!

10. You have a lexile of at least 1600.

9. You have scored at least 25 AR points with 85% accuracy.

8. At least 50% of the reading you do during the day is nonfiction.

7. You scored 100% on the state standardized test.

6. You have completed a reading log in the last month which was signed by your parents or significant other.

5. You don’t believe graphic novels are “real reading.”

4. Your home décor includes the diorama you made of the last book you read.

3. You spend 6 weeks reading a book and complete a chapter summary for every

2. You have never abandoned a book.

1. You choose ALL of your reading from the state required reading list.

If you didn’t answer yes to all of these, here are a few extra credit points you can earn!

a. You think the Newbery is a smoothie at McDonald’s.

b. You’ve earned enough reading bucks/points to buy a pencil at the student store.

c. You don’t own a single picture, middle grade or YA book.

Welcome to the Club! Now, go forth and….READ!!!!

Teresa Bunner is merely the messenger who collected the hilarious conversation her Nerdy Friends had at NCTE in Las Vegas.( It is also widely rumored she is responsible for numerous other shenanigans.) If you weren’t there, we really hope we will see you in Boston next year! And if not there, we always have the blog! Happy reading!