A Call for Pictures!

Even in the midst of all the TBR pile shuffling and moving in the effort to prepare for voting on the Nerdy ballot in less than two weeks, my thoughts have turned back to rereading two of my favorites from this year – The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and See You at Harry’s by Jo Knowles.  I have reread books before over the holidays and it seems to be how I have celebrated my favorites from the year.

Perhaps this is the year I deem it tradition.

No matter how you celebrate your favorite titles of the year – whether it be with rereading or book-talking or gift-giving – there is always one that is nearer and dearer to your heart than all the rest.

(Or in my case, two.)

Since you’re already thinking about them, we’re asking you to share a photo of you with your favorite book of 2012 with us. We’ll use the photos we get to make a video montage to share on December 25.

Please send your photos to nerdybookclubblog@gmail.com no later than 7 AM on December 15, 2012.

Cindy Minnich is lucky enough to live the charmed life of a high school English teacher, mom to one future librarian, and wife to a fellow reader. She can be found on Twitter as @cbethm, on web at http://www.chartingbythestars.com, and in real life on her princess chair enjoying a book and a cup of coffee. She really doesn’t think she can narrow her favorites  from 2012 to just one so she’s thinking about how she can creatively do her own photo assignment.