BFFs Who Love Books by Jen Vincent and Jennifer Bradford


If you are reading this, I’m sure you love the library as much as I do. I mean, two words: free and books. Come on. I’m not sure how anyone can not love the library. I do have to say that going to the library with my two kids can be pretty wild. I love to take my kids to the library so they can pick out books and do puzzles and play games but most of the time that means I don’t get time to wander the stacks and find books for myself…I end up chasing after them and juggling books and DVDs and coats and keys. Well, now that I think about it wild might be an understatement.

Last summer, I was hanging out with friends in our neighborhood, when I told them I had to go because I needed to make a run to return library books before the library closed. My neighbor, Jennifer, right away asked if she could come with me. I was excited to get to go on my own but even more excited to go with a friend…and an adult, no less. Jennifer and I wandered around talking about books we love and adding books to our list of books to read. It was a lot of fun and we agreed that we had to do it again.

I still love to take my kids to the library but ever since that night, Jennifer and I sneak out of the house after my kids have gone to bed every few weeks…usually when our books are due.

I’ll text her or she’ll text me and then as soon as my kids are in bed, I slip out to find Jennifer in the driveway. Sometimes life gets so busy and crazy and taking even half an hour to run to the library with a friend is a great way for me to find a little me time and to de-stress. Just being around books and sharing that with a great friend makes a big difference in my outlook on life.

Living next door to a great friend is awesome but we have become even better friends thanks to our love of books. On one of our trips, I told Jennifer that we had to sign up to do a Nerdy post because we have so much fun on our late-night, library trips. Here are some pictures from one of our late-night, super-secret library adventures and then Jennifer will share what our trips mean to her.

This first picture is a little bit dark but you can see how excited Jennifer and I are to be in the car and on our way to the library!
Sometimes we wander through the stacks together, sometimes we split up because we both have books in mind. Jennifer usually reads adult books but she’s heard me talk about so many great children’s and young adult books that I love, that she’s added many of them to her list, too.
On this trip, we were running around and trying to snap pictures while containing our giggling so we wouldn’t get yelled at.
As much as I love the Thomas the Train books that my two-year-old always wants to check out, I know I’ll always end up with an amazing stack of books that I’ll be excited to dive into and share with Jennifer after our trips to the library together.


Jen is my friend that is like a book to me. There are times where I can’t stop thinking about her. I’ll be about my busy work day but I’ll be reflecting on the conversation that we had the night before, a tweet she sent me, or the fun we had while hanging out. I certainly can’t get enough of her. She is infectious with her yearning for adventure and her passion for fun. Even if I’m in the worst mood or being super introverted, Jen just has this way of making everything amazing. I find myself wanting to spend all my time with her because it wouldn’t matter what we would be doing, it would just be that we were doing it. When I’m with Jen, it’s had to be anywhere else. Just as I can get lost in a favorite book, I can totally get lost in the moment with her. When it comes to talking about books, she just lures me in. I can see all the characters’ faces and hear their voices and the scenes are so descriptive, it’s like I’m there. When the conversation ends, much like a book ends, I realize that there’s a whole other world going on around me. The story means something different to me depending on when I read it much like she is a confidante, sounding board or a partner in crime to me. Books are a bond that we have that truly tie us together.

In my house, I am the only girl. While this has princess-like benefits, such as being served my dinner first and having the doors opened for me, there’s nothing like being with another girl who gets books like I do. My boys are incredible but me talking books to them is like them talking anything technology to me. Most of the time, trips to the library are unplanned and no matter what, I drop whatever it is I am doing and dash out the door to meet in the driveways. Sometimes, I’m so excited to go, I go running to her door in the hopes of getting her out faster. When the nights are planned (mostly when we have fines) it is so exciting to have that activity to look forward to.

Books are such an incredible escape and a way to deeply dive into something I truly want. That’s how friendship is with Jen. We want to be fit so we take exercise classes together, we want to be crafty so we hit up JoAnn’s, and we almost always want Starbucks so no explanation needed there. Being with Jen at the library is like a mini vacation from all else. It’s an opportunity to stop the madness of life and enjoy stories that aren’t about me.

The library, like our friendship, is familiar and vast. There are so many incredible things that we keep coming back to (the young adult section, the DVD collection, the laughter, the philosophical talks) and yet there are still so many avenues to explore (visiting the second floor, learning all about each other’s past, being curious about what the future holds). As no good book truly ends because of the way it embeds itself into my life, neither does this friendship.

Jen Vincent and Jennifer Bradford aren’t just neighbors, they are BFFs who love books. They also think yoga, kickboxing, Starbucks, shopping, and baking are infinitely better with a friend. You can find them on Twitter: Jen Vincent – @mentortexts and Jennifer Bradford – @mrsteleno1.