A Call for Pictures – Summer Reading Edition

If you’re anything like me, right around the time I start realizing that we have less than a month of school left and I start to feel overwhelmed by my to-do list, I start to fantasize about a different list – my summer to-be-read list.

After all, that list (or, if you live dangerously, physical stack) of books you have going from a school year’s worth of #titletalks and book reviews is just begging for some attention and summer is the perfect opportunity to curl up with a cool drink and just read. (Doesn’t that sound wonderful?)

Thanks to Donalyn’s #bookaday invitation yesterday, you’re probably already thinking about your summer TBR list, so we’re asking you to share a photo of you with your summer bookstack with us. We’ll use the photos we get to make a video montage once the dust settles from the end of the school year.

Please send your photos to nerdybookclubblog@gmail.com no later than 11:59 pm on June 1, 2013.

Cindy Minnich is lucky enough to live the charmed life of a high school English teacher, mom to one future librarian, and wife to a fellow reader. She can be found on Twitter as @cbethm, on web at http://www.chartingbythestars.com, and in real life on her princess chair enjoying a book and a cup of coffee.