POLL: Who would be at your dream book festival?

love getting the chance to meet authors. I love hearing them talk about their books, about how they write them, about where they find their inspiration. I love getting to meet them.

I love being around other people who are just as excited about books as I am.

So no one should be surprised that I’m completely psyched to be heading to Washington, DC, bright and early this morning to attend the National Book Festival.

Look at the schedule of who will be there. Impressive, isn’t it?

But it got me thinking as I attempted to wind down and go to sleep last night after looking at the list for the 87 millionth time with fangirl stars in my eyes…if I was making my dream book festival, who would I most want to have there?

So I’m asking you…who would you invite?

Use whatever criteria you want – it’s YOUR festival – and share your list with us in the comments below!