Give Thanks for Books!

Last week I sat down to help my son write thank you notes for his birthday gifts when inspiration struck:

How cool would it be to help him write some thank you notes to some of the authors I would be able to encounter while at NCTE?

He was giddy about the idea and made a list of authors he wanted to write to. He talked, I typed, and he signed his name on the last one right before going to bed the night before I left for Boston. 

In the morning I had a stack of letters from Jr Librarian and my dad added his own handwritten ones to the pile when he came to say goodbye to me.

Sometimes those crazy ideas that get sparked out of nowhere are the best ideas ever. I cannot tell you what a privilege it was to see those notes being read and how much it clearly moved the authors who received them.

So it’s Thanksgiving today and I know many of us spend it being thankful that we can take naps after we’ve enjoyed one plate too many at our Thanksgiving feasts.

Could I suggest that you take a few moments to thank a favorite author (or authors) for the wonderful gifts they have given us?

You can send them to the authors themselves on Twitter or check their websites for addresses to send it via email or – better yet – a handwritten thank you with a good old-fashioned envelope and stamp. Tell them what you love about their work and why. Do it even though you won’t be able to see their response because they put their words into the world without necessarily ever getting to know how their readers respond to them.

Happy writing and happy Thanksgiving!

Cindy Minnich is a high school English teacher at Upper Dauphin Area High School. She’s got a long list of thank you notes to write and a TBR stack that will surely inspire more notes. She can be found on Twitter as @cbethm and online at

P.S. Nerdy Book Club nominations close at midnight. This is one more way to show love for the authors who have created our favorite books of 2013.