A Call For #Nerdlution Pictures


On Thanksgiving evening, I joined a Twitter conversation with a few Nerdy Book Club members that ended up starting Nerdlution. If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, please check out Chris Lehman’s post.

In the last 96 hours people have: started blogs, committed to working out, began a writing routine, and even picked up a musical instrument they hadn’t played in 2o years.

We’d love to see pictures from the first 20 days of your Nerdlution journey. We will make a video that will run Christmas day.

Ways to submit your photos:

Tweet them using the hashtag #Nerdlution

Email them to the Nerdy Book Club: nerdybookclubblog@gmail.com

All pictures must be shared by 9 PM ET on December 20th.


Colby Sharp is a third grade teacher in Parma, Michigan. He helps out with #NerdCampMI, #SharpSchu, #TitleTalk, and #Nerdlution.