Doctor WHO? by Karen Harris

Christmas is over, the presents are unwrapped and our gift from the BBC, The Doctor Who Christmas Special has come and gone.  As my girls and fellow Whovians, we felt the loss of The Doctor, played by Matt Smith, and now we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of The Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi.

Wait… what?

Yes, we are waiting for the new series of Doctor Who with a new Doctor.  Now comes the long, long, wait until August or September when the new season starts.  For die-hard fans, that is a very long time without The Doctor.  We can watch the shows again and again.  (Some of us have seen our favorite episodes so many times that we can say the lines along with the actors.)  But what if we are craving new adventures with The Doctor?  We need more stories, more action, and more adventures!

The answer, of course, is to read the books.

Fortunately there are many books to keep us occupied until the new series begins in August.  With all the books, ebooks, comics and audio books, we should be covered.  And the really neat part is that when we read the books, we can hear the actors speaking the lines inside our heads.    If you check your local library (our Dallas Public Library has several), Goodreads, or any book store that has an online catalog, you can find a plethora of titles.   The Tardis Library website has over 2,000 books alone, beginning in 1964. We were able to find books for those whose favorite Doctor was #4 (Tom Baker) as well as those with more general interests in comic books and graphic novels.

dr who daughterI discussed this article with my #3 daughter, Elizabeth.   She is my Doctor Who buddy who can always be prevailed upon to offer an opinion. She was also one of my reluctant readers until she found the Doctor Who series.  She loves to read Doctor Who books because she says, “I just like how the scenarios are and how they play out in my head.  I can imagine it like it is a real life episode.  When the books says that The Doctor smirks, I can see David Tennant, my favorite Doctor, play out his emotions.”    When I asked her to help me out, she gave me her top books.


Doctor Who: Magic of the Angels by Jacqueline Rayner

In this book, the 11th Doctor, Amy and Rory decide to go to London to see the sights.  They ended up in a theatre and watch Sammy Star perform a magic act that involved a statue of a Weeping Angel.  They discover that Sammy Star’s magic tricks may have something to do with all the missing girls.  She recommends this because you’ll never forget the cover (it’s creepy) and that  the story is extraordinary.  She won’t reveal any more of the story because of SPOILERS!

Doctor Who:  Decide Your Destiny: Claws Of The Macra by Trevor Baxendale

This book stars The Doctor (Matt Smith) and Amy (Karen Gillian)and the reader.  She loves this one because for her, it is like traveling with The Doctor.  In the beginning, you are part of a school group touring a gas refinery.  As you are reading, you have to make decisions, like which way to go.  Do you join the attack against the Macra or learn more about them?  Since the reader is part of the story, it makes reading it so much fun.  She says this is like three books in one because you can start over and change your destiny.

Prisoner of the Daleks by Trevor Baxendale

I like how there is a lot of action, fighting and some very funny arguments. There are also flashbacks from the Time War, and The Doctor has many bad memories from that.  There are sad moments too, like losing a new friend in the beginning of the book.

I Am A Dalek by Gareth Roberts

In this e-book, The 10th Doctor and Rose come back to Earth. Rose meets a woman, Kate, who is hit by a car.  Kate is dead…..or is she?  Kate changes from a curly redhead to a blonde.  She gets up off the ground and becomes a different person.  Is she a Time Lord?  Not hardly.  So what is she?  Meanwhile The Doctor has found a lifeless Dalek.  Rose and Kate are looking for the Doctor so he can help her.  As they look, Rose notices that Kate is changing, but into what?

So fellow Whovians, do not despair.  Find a book, and travel with The Doctor and his companions through time and space.  Visit other planets, meet aliens and have a “Who-rrefic” time. And don’t forget your jelly babies, celery, bananas, fish fingers and custard or your Jammy Dodgers.

karen harrisKaren Harris is a Dallas ISD librarian and an avid Whovian.  She was an elementary reading and computer teacher and has been a librarian for 19 years.  She just graduated from Concordia University with a Master of Education degree in Reading.  She has one husband, four daughters and three grandboys, who love to have Meme read to them.  She is currently reading  Reading In The Wild by Donalyn Miller with Susan Kelley, and Doctor Who: Snowglobe 7 by Mike Tucker.