March 16

Nerdy Nation Speaks by Nerdy Book Club MRA 2014 Attendees

This weekend, hundreds of teachers descended on Grand Rapids, Michigan to attend the Michigan Reading Association’s annual conference. An active affiliate of Nerdy Book Club members attend the MRA conference each year–an opportunity to connect with dear friends, meet new ones,  and reflect on another year of reading and sharing books with children.

We had a blast–chatting with beloved Nerdy authors like Katherine Applegate, Lisa Mc Mann, Linda Urban, Laurie Keller, and Cris Tovani, eating pizza and cupcakes (Can we have a Nerdy event without cupcakes?), and toasting Nerdy for bringing us all together.

The Nerdy Book Club Gathers to Celebrate

The Nerdy Book Club Celebratory Dinner

Gathering together on Saturday night for a Nerdy Book Club celebratory dinner (you can see additional photos of the event on our Facebook page or Twitter feed), Donalyn asked the group to consider what the Nerdy Book Club community offers them–both professionally and personally. We invite you to share your thoughts about Nerdy Book Club in the comments.

What has Nerdy offered you?

It offered me the place to talk about books in a personal way – and realize that there are a lot of other people who feel exactly the same. Travis

Nerdy offers me inspiration, support, language, friendship, and a community of people who love books as passionately as I do. – Kristin Mc.

Unfortunately, I am a “late bloomer” when it comes to reading fiction for pleasure. Nerdy has become not only a wonderful community for me, but also a priceless resource for incredible book recommendations. My life and my students’ lives has been transformed as a result. @suz_gibbs

As an introvert at heart, making new friends has always been a struggle, but becoming part of this community of kindred spirits has allowed me to open up more and know I have found friends for life. @BethShaum

Nerdy has offered me friendships with some of the most amazing people in the world. I have met so many people I never would have known without Nerdy. I have had so much fun and made so many memories in the last two years! @JCrawford728

Nerdy connects me to like-minded friends and mentors within moments of meeting face-to-face. Thanks to Nerdy, we can gush and laugh about the same bookish joys. We can sympathize and strategize about the same dilemmas and challenges. @B10LovesBooks

Nerdy has provided me with a home. I have often embraced the Nerdy way of life, but didn’t have a word for it, nor a group of friends and colleagues who shared this passion. It has given my heart a place to be. — Brian Wyzlic

Brian Wyzlic Reads Click Clack Moo Cows That Type

Brian Wyzlic Reads Click Clack Moo Cows That Type

Nerdy has given me my tribe…. A community of friends that are passionate about reading and care about nurturing life long readers. -Niki @daydreamreader

Where do I begin? @fins025

Nerdy friends have taught me that our book-loving, book-shopping, book-talking ways are, in fact, perfectly normal. @LauraKomos

Nerdy gives me a place to come, be inspired, and leave with ideas to use in my classroom immediately. @katsok

Nerdy has provided me access to the most amazing educators in the world! I have expert librarians and teachers in my pocket and an on-demand PLN. I am forever inspired and grateful for this amazing group! @KristinZiemke

How has Nerdy helped you as a teacher/librarian/reader/parent?

Nerdy has helped me by wholeheartedly embracing me as a fellow nerd and valued colleague. You could power a small city with the combined energy in this group. Cheryl

Nerdy has helped me to stay in touch with what is happening in k-12 classrooms. It helps ,e connect my preservice teachers with teachers who are also passionate readers. -Kristin Mc.

Nerdy has connected me to some of the experts in the field and just made me a better teacher over all. It reminds me I am not alone. @JCrawford728

Nerdy keeps me motivated to put books in the hands of kids, especially when time constraints, standardized tests, and reluctant teachers weigh upon my book lovin’ heart. @B10LovesBooks

Without Nerdy, I would not have the support I need to teach the way my students need. It has given me the pedagogical knowledge to back up the practices I know are best, and a place to connect with those who have more things to help me stretch and grow as a teacher. — Brian Wyzlic

Nerdy has ignited my passion for reading! It has changed my personal and professional life for the better! I learn so much from the brilliant nerdy educators, librarians and authors! -Niki @daydreamreader

I always refer to Nerdy when purchasing books for my school or when a teacher approaches me about books. @fins025

My Nerdy friends absolutely have changed my reading life. I am a more well-rounded, passionate reader because of them. @LauraKomos

Nerdy has reminded me of all of the different voices readers have and the need to respect them all. @katsok

Nerdy has introduced me to diverse genres and encouraged me to embrace new reading frontiers. I ask and receive expert advice on matching books to readers, building my reading life, and using audio to meet the needs of all learners. @kristinziemke

Laura and Donalyn

Laura and Donalyn (John Schu and Travis Jonkers photobomb)

In one sentence, encourage someone to read Nerdy Book Club.

If you’re a teacher, this is the community of kindred spirits that you’ve been hoping to find. @TobeyAnt

Welcome to your tribe! @JCrawford728

Hi, I’m Brian; what would you like to read today? — Brian Wyzlic

Got books? YOU are a member of the Nerdy Book Club!- Niki @daydreamreader

Read more, learn more, be inspired more. -Jillian @heisereads

Need to feel optimistic about the power of readers? Read this blog. @katsok

Read. Connect. Believe. Nerdy. -@kristinziemke

The Nerdy Book Club will connect you with readers who will still be your friends 20 years from now. – @MrSchuReads

Kristin M., Beth, and Niki

Kristin M., Beth, and Niki