7 Book-Related Things I’d Like to Destruct by Here Comes Destructosaurus author Aaron Reynolds

1)     Grown-ups that judge a kid’s reading choices. Saying “that’s not a good book” or “put that graphic novel down and pick up a real book” does nothing to build passion and excitement for reading. It’s our job to notice what a kid loves reading, whether it’s sports magazines, graphic novels, or “literary” fiction, and be the one to put the next book that kid will love into his or her hands!

2)      Testing pressures that make any teacher feel like “just reading aloud” isn’t a productive use of in-class time.

3)      Patrons who argue about paying for a library book when they lose it. It’s so rude, and I hear that it happens all the time! The library is one of our greatest national treasures, and we’ve gotta replace the books we lose, or take better care of them in the first place.

4)      Governments that don’t adequately fund public and school libraries. School reading programs should get top pick of government funds and the military should have to hold a bake sale to pay for tanks and missiles. Just sayin’.

5)      Sharpies that run out of ink mid-book-signing.

6)      The internet, when it’s distracting me from writing. You are a foul temptress, ye interwebs.

7)      Children’s books that hog the New York Times Best Seller List for, like, a year straight. It’s piggish, right?


Aaron Reynolds works full time as a speaker/presenter and teacher. He is an energetic and enthusiastic author eager to promote his books. And he’s a funny guy. Aaron Reynolds has written many great books for kids, including
Carnivores. He lives in Fox River, Illinois. You can find Aaron online at http://www.aaron-reynolds.com.


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