Our Top Ten Favorite Picture Book Friendships by Jillian Heise & Kim McSorley

It all started with Elephant & Piggie. A comment about how much I love We Are In a Book led to a question which led to a conversation with Kim which led to a disbelieving look that I had only read the one Elephant & Piggie book, which led to this goal-setting tweet….


Thanks to Kim’s help scouring the classroom and public library shelves, along with numerous 3rd graders in our building who were equally horrified that I had not read all the Elephant & Piggie books loaning me theirs that they were reading, I was able to get through all 20 of them that week.

we are in a book

Shortly afterwards, we were talking about how much we love Elephant & Piggie and their friendship, which led us to thinking about other friendships in picture books that we adore.


Our Top Ten Favorite Picture Book Friendships

Elephant and Piggie in My New Friend is So Fun!

my new friend is so fun


Flora & the Flamingo (& the Penguin) in Flora and the Flamingo & Flora and the Penguin


Zebra and Moose in Z is for Moose

z is for moose

Fish & Snail in The Story of Fish and Snail

the story of fish and snail

Rocket & Owl in Rocket Writes a Story

rocket writes a story

Super Hair-O & his Superfriends in Super Hair-o and the Barber of Doom

super hairo

Boy & the Robot in Boy + Bot

boy bot cover

Elephant, Zebra, Turtle, Owl, Lion, & Giraffe in Hooray for Hat

hooray for hat

Little Elliot & Mouse in Little Elliot, Big City

little elliot big city

Scientist & the Viking/the Pirate in Pirate, Viking, and Scientist

Our tenth choice is a book that will not be out until November, but we loved what it has to offer so much that we had to include it.

pirate viking and scientist

Jillian Heise & Kim McSorley found each other at the Indian Community School of Milwaukee. Jillian is the 7th & 8th grade language arts teacher and Kim is the K-8 reading specialist. This means they get to talk books with each other all the time and say it’s part of their job…because it is. To say they were meant to work together is an understatement. They enjoy author fangirling, CarPD, rooming together at conferences, sharing books, reading aloud to students, interrupting each other while teaching to share book excitement, and creating school-wide literacy celebrations, especially if they can make it a wear your pajamas and read all day type of thing. Jillian can be found at Heise Reads & Recommends or @heisereads. Kim can be found on twitter @fins025.