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10 Book Characters Who Would Be Awesome Friends by Brenda Priddy

book character who would be awesome friends

While children’s books are fun to read, have you ever noticed how many of the main characters are rather bratty? Ramona Quimby, Junie B. Jones, Tom Sawyer, Greg Heffley, Artemis Fowl, and many other book characters would make truly awful people.

But for every terrible book character, there is at least one other who would make a great friend. Here are my top ten picks for book characters who would make amazing friends.


laura ingallsLaura Ingalls from The Little House Series

Laura is a bit of a firecracker, and days spent with her would never be boring. Laura is passionate, stubborn, and fiercely loyal. She would defend her friends no matter what the consequences were to her.

Laura would be the kind of friend you could have for life- she would never abandon the tight bonds of friendship for anything and would always make time for a friend.


Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh

Christopher Robin is the glue that holds a group of friends together. Christopher would be the boy you could go to for solid, thoughtful advice that would actually benefit you if you followed it. Christopher also believes in the importance of education, and would encourage his friends to better themselves in any way possible.

Christopher would always put his friends first, and would be there to pick up the pieces after all dramatic events.


Pippi Longstocking from Pippi Longstocking

Pippi is one cool chick and she knows it. She loves to impress her friends with her sailing escapades, super-strength, and crazy outfits. Her style is big, bold, and completely over-the-top.

Being friends with Pippi would be a little bit like trying to be friends with a hurricane, but every moment would be exciting and enjoyable.


Ron Weasley from Harry Potterron weasley

Ron is often overlooked simply because Harry is more famous, but aside from a bit of jealousy issues every now and then, Ron takes it all in stride. Ron is the supportive best friend that doesn’t get attention, but not because he doesn’t deserve it- because he never asks for it.

Ron would be the friend who would support you no matter what. If you wanted to jump off a cliff, he’d be there with you. If you decided to become a monk, he’d come along for the right. Ron would never judge and never bring drama to the relationship (unless you were the Boy-Who-Lived).


Olivia from Olivia

Olivia is a imaginative, matter-of-fact girl (pig) who would bring life to the friendship. She would encourage you to see the world in new ways, but also to remain firmly grounded in the practical.

As a friend, Olivia would always be there to provide grounding and creativity-depending on what you needed as the moment.


madeline foggMadeline Fogg from Madeline

Madeline is the coolest girl under age eight ever to come from the pages of a book. She is small, but she doesn’t let that stop her. From staring down tigers to rescuing abandoned dogs, Madeline faces the world with strength fearlessness. Madeline doesn’t mind sharing her opinions, and she won’t let anyone stop her from doing what she thinks is right.

As a friend, Madeline would be as fiercely devoted to her friends as she is to any of her causes, and she would always do her best to be there for her friends. Madeline would always push you to try new things and experiences that would make you a better person and see the world in a new way.


Tiffany Aching from The Tiffany Aching Series

Tiffany Aching is a home style witch in training and one cool cucumber. She is stoic in a crisis and doesn’t let evil, or adults, daunt her. Tiffany is the kind of girl who would defend what she thought was right until her last breath.

Tiffany is the kind of friend you want to have around in a crisis. She would coolly assess the situation, tell you that you were being ridiculous, and solve the problem on the spot.


Leroy Brown from Encyclopedia Brown

Encyclopedia, or Leroy, is the kind of kid you want to have around in a crisis. He would always know who stole your pencil and who was cheating off of your test. Although his superior attitude could get annoying, his open attitude and willingness to help would mean you would forgive him in no time.

Being friends with Leroy would included many afternoons spent pouring over logic puzzles, finding local pets, and sneaking around the neighbor’s yards in search of clues.


huck finnHuckleberry Finn from Tom Sawyer

Huckleberry Finn would be a parent’s worst nightmare, but as a friend, he would be the guy you look to for the night’s entertainment. Huckleberry has just enough distain for the rules and social conventions to always come up with something exciting and slightly dangerous to try.

As a friend, you’d probably have to spend many days waiting around for Huck to get out of detention, but once he was free, you’d have the time of your life with adventures you would love retelling for generations.


Gregor from The Overlander Series

Gregor is the typical eldest sibling, full of care for his two younger sisters. While he finds Lizzie and Boots slightly annoying, he doesn’t let that prevent him from taking care of them as much as possible. He helps around the house and never seems to complain that he doesn’t get to have a lot of fun or money like other kids. Gregor is brave, mature, and surprisingly intuitive for a young teen boy.

As a friend, Gregor would have your back every time. If you didn’t bring money for lunch, he’d pay it and never ask for it back the next day.


What book characters do you think would make for awesome friends in real life?

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