Top Ten Reasons to Marry a Nerdy Book Club Member by Lisa and Brian Wyzlic

We’ve all had that moment. The moment when we’ve found our tribe. C.S. Lewis put it best when he said, “Friendship is born at that moment when one [person] says to another: ‘What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .’” For many of us, that last sentence would be “I thought that no one but myself is this crazy about books!” And we find ourselves here, within the cozy couch-folds of The Nerdy Book Club.


Also for many of us, those friendships thus formed become something even more amazing, something more awesome: they up the stakes with marriage. Now, imagine if you will, if those two things. . .combined. PPPFFFSSSSSHHHHH!!! [That, in case you’re wondering (which we imagine you are) is the sound of your head exploding. Don’t worry; it’s completely reassembled itself.] Nerdy Book Club and life partner ALL IN ONE?!? Oh yeah. It’s a thing.


Today, we present to you, in no particular order, the Top Ten Reasons to Marry a Nerdy Book Club Member.


1. Nightstands

Brian's Nightstand  Lisa's Nightstand

Check out these nightstands. Notice anything about them? They totally match. Not because they’re the same style (though they are the same style), but because they each have multiple books on them. This is just the way we roll at the Wyzlic household. Nothing is better than finishing a book and finding the next one waiting for you right there, and finding it’s the one your spouse just finished the night before and left on your side of the bed.


2. Texts about book stuff

Glory O' Brien Text

LfA Text

All day, everyday.


3. Book gifts

Gift Bookshelf

The largest thing in our living room is not the TV. It’s not even the couch. It’s our bookshelves. One shelf is dedicated to books we have given to each other. None of these were random thoughts — all of them in some way meaningful both to the giver and the givee. Looking at them is a constant reminder of what’s important to us: each other and books. Oh, and they’re books! Did we mention they’re books? What better gift exists? We may celebrate our paper anniversary every year.


4. Book quotes all the time

Okay Okay

Sometimes, we’re just a little nauseating.

[True story: upon deciding to include this picture, we said “Okay.” “Okay.” without even really thinking about it. Like we said. Nauseating]


5. Home decor

Okay Sign


It’s okay to be jealous. That’s a natural reaction.


6. They’re so smart!

You probably are aware there is lots of research and many articles, both scholarly and otherwise, stating that reading is good for the brain. You’ve probably also seen this first-hand. But seriously. Readers are so frickin’ smart. There have been countless moments where we have looked at each other and just thought, “I”m so glad you’re a reader.” Readers get things! We understand random references each other makes. We can infer meaning from our conversations without needing to sit down and go through it all. Have you ever had to explain why the joke you just made is funny? [Note: that could be a sign that the joke you made just isn’t funny] It’s the worst! Readers don’t need that! We just understand this stuff. It’s in our blood. It’s in our brains. And it’s a fantastic reason to marry a Nerdy Book Club member.


7. They understand implications (sometimes)

As much as Brian loves to claim he’s smart because he reads and therefore understands implications and infers well. . .he just doesn’t. But all is forgiven, because he reads.


8. Matching tshirts

Lisa and Brian

Cutest time-travel sci-fi children’s literature fans ever!


9. Nights spent reading

How many times have you had the, “What are we going to do tonight?” conversation? Books solve all of that. “We’re going to read, of course!” We are the most exciting people on the planet, clearly. But we love it.


10. Neither one of you is dragging you to all the movies that were made from YA novels because you’re both counting down the days.

Only 41 days until Mockingjay! (Depending on how you count….*cough40dayscough*)

Lisa and Brian were married this morning in a small ceremony. They first met because of being mutual Nerdfighters, and their love for books brought them together from there. They can be found on Twitter @brianwyzlic and @rex_lisasaurus. They also each have their own blogs: Brian is at WyzReads (due to be updated for the past few months now) and Lisa is at Books are for Eating (actually updated regularly). They wish you could all be at their wedding, but seriously, that’d be way too expensive and difficult. So they’re pretty glad you’re here at this post in lieu of that. They would have registered at a bookstore if that were a thing they could have done. But, let’s be honest, they already have all the books they need anyway.

Hah. Yeah, right.