January 18

How Big Do You Draw? (#IDrawThisBig) by Colby Sharp

I found out this week that Lauren Castillo draws small. Very small. In fact, when she sketches the characters are often 1.5 to 2 inches tall. I asked her to take a picture of one of her sketches with a quarter next to it. I loved seeing her little hedgehog chilling next to that quarter. It made me curious to know the size other illustrators sketch their characters.

Photo credit: Lauren Castillo

Photo credit: Lauren Castillo

We would love to have our favorite illustrators snap a picture from one of their drawings with a quarter sitting next to one of the characters. A picture from a sketchbook would be perfect.

Illustrators can share their images by using the Twitter/Instagram hashtag #IDrawThisBig, or they can email them to me (colbysharp@gmail.com).

I’ll collect the images and throw them together in a post. I can’t wait to see what all these pictures look like sitting next to each other.

Pictures must be tweeted, instagrammed, or emailed by January 31.

I think that this is a post that our students will absolutely cherish.

Thanks for being Nerdy!

Colby Sharp is a third grade teacher at Parma Elementary in downtown Parma, Michigan. He’s married to the wonderful Alaina Sharp. They have four kids together. He’d love to connect with you on Twitter: @colbysharp, and he hopes that you will join him at Nerd Camp