January 24


Ten Mystery Series That My Students Love by Amy Brown

Many of my students love reading mysteries. As we all know, some students love to read series and if they can find a series with a large number of books it keeps them reading. The following list includes some of my students’ favorite mysteries. This list does not include every mystery series that my students read. They love some older series and some newer ones. I always introduce these during Mystery Month at our school and these books have led to the discovery of many mystery lovers.


The Jigsaw Jones Series by James Preller

This series follows the cases of Jigsaw Jones and his partner Mila. James Preller introduces the students to many different situations and readers have fun trying to figure out what the outcome of the cases will be. My students identify with the characters’ experiences and that keeps them reading. The pictures also help them know what is happening. I love discussing the figurative language in these books with my students. Many of them have started using this language as ways to express themselves.


A to Z Mysteries

A to Z Mysteries by Ron Roy

This series follows three friends, Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose, through all of their cases. Each new case begins with the next letter of the alphabet. These young detectives help the local police officers solve mysteries that they were having problems figuring out. My students love the fact that the kids solve the problem before the adults and that the adults respect them enough to listen to them.



Cam Jansen by David Adler

Cam Jansen and her best friend Eric solve many cases that the police are having problems solving. Cam’s photographic memory helps her remember things that many people don’t. She always seems to right in the middle of a crime. Many fifth graders love that a girl is able to solve adult crimes and mysteries.


The Boxcar Children

The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner

In this series Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny are often left unsupervised and allowed to do things that many children would not be allowed to do. This series has withstood the test of time and my students still read through as many books in the series as possible. It allows them to solve a mystery and learn about history at the same time. My students love the independence that these children have and want to be able to have that much freedom.


Encyclopedia Brown

Encyclopedia Brown by Donald J. Sobol

Leroy Brown will solve any crime for 25 cents a day in his hometown. He often helps his father, who is a police chief, solve the crimes that happen in their town. This series is older, but my students still love trying to solve the mystery before the end of the book. Many students read these books together and try to figure out the crime before their friends.


Calendar Mysteries

Calendar Club Mysteries by Nancy Star

This series’ cases are based around many holidays in the different months. They connect to the club and want to start their own. I have had several students who would not read anything and when I introduced them to this series they would not put them down. They found out that they loved mysteries and I introduced them to all of the other mysteries that are included in this list.


Chickadee Court Mysteries

Chickadee Court Mysteries by Martha Freeman

This series follows the mysteries that Alex, Sophie, and Yasmeen solve in the books. My students love the challenge of reading these books and often don’t want to put them down. The series is continuing to grow and my students wait impatiently for the next book in the series. When I introduced several of them to the first book, they insisted that I add the rest of the series to my library. They always want the next book in the series as soon as they are finished with one book.


Calendar Club Mysteries

Calendar Mysteries by Ron Roy

I have to add another series by Ron Roy. My students who are challenged by some of the other mystery series love this one. Often I use it as a springboard to the other series for my mystery lovers. This series follows the mysteries of the younger relatives of the detectives in the A to Z Mysteries. There is now a series for each month of the year. When my students finish this series they are often ready for the A to Z mysteries and have a love and connection to the characters.


Hardy Boys

Hardy Boys by Franklin W. Dixon

I have to include this series in this list. I know that it is older and many students may not read these. One of my students brought in some of these books and started reading them and my other students wanted to read them. I just had a student bring in more of them to read last week. This series follows two brothers, Frank and Joe Hardy, as they work with their father to help solve crimes and mysteries. It is a timeless series that my students still love to read today.


Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew

Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew by Carolyn Keene

A young Nancy Drew and her friends solve crimes in this series. It was launched in 2006 and is based on the original Nancy Drew series. My students just love to solve the mystery before the end of the book and then find out if they solved it correctly. Some of my students have read the other Nancy Drew books after finishing this series.


Amy Brown loves reading and encourages everyone to read. She reads as much as she possibly can. She posts her reading and writing activities as well as her other passions on thebookbrownie.blogspot.com or Twitter @bookbrownieblog. She spends her free time watching hockey and supporting our troops.