February 07


Ten Books for Fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Gigi McAllister

Recently our district held parent-teacher conferences. Happily, several parents shared their excitement with how much their child was enjoying reading this year. One parent expressed some concern because her son only seemed to want to read and reread the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney. Middle graders love the Wimpy Kid series and I am often asked this same question. After I shared how rereading can be beneficial and we need to honor his choices, I offered to give her a list of other series he might also enjoy.


Here are ten series that may appeal to Diary of a Wimpy Kid fans.

the creature from my closet

The Creature from my Closet series by Obert Skye

In this series twelve year old Rob (who dislikes reading) discards the books his parents buy for him in his closet. These books mix with old science lab materials to create different creatures that are a combination of book characters. Each creature causes mayhem and lots of laughs as Rob tries to contain them.


big nate

The Big Nate Series by Lincoln Peirce

The Big Nate books emerged from the Big Nate comic strips that began in 1991. My fourth graders just adore this series and there are lots of books (comics and graphic novels) to choose from. Nate is precocious and trouble just seems to find him.

The Timmy Failure Series by Stephan Pastis

Timmy Failure may just be the worst detective ever. With his sidekick, a huge polar bear named Total, Timmy attempts to solve cases for their detective agency, Total Failure, Inc. Kids enjoy watching Timmy as he misses obvious clues and draw completely incorrect and hilarious conclusions.


origami yoda

The Origami Yoda Series by Tom Angleberger

When students read this series, be prepared to find little origami Yoda’s and other Star Wars characters all over the classroom. When Dwight, a sixth grader who does not seem to fit in, creates an origami Yoda finger puppet, things start to change at school. Yoda (who speaks in Yoda-speak through Dwight) can predict the future and gives just the right advice to anyone who asks. Dwight and Yoda become quite popular as students ask Yoda for advice. Dwight’s friend Tommy investigates to try to find out how Yoda can know so much, while Dwight seems to be socially clueless. With books entitled: Darth Paper Strikes Back, The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee and Jabba the Puppet, fans of Star Wars will especially love this series.

my life as a book

My Life Series by Janet and Jake Tashjian

In the first book in the series, Derek Fallon has been labeled a “reluctant reader” because he loves reading Calvin and Hobbes comics and little else. One summer day, while avoiding his assigned readings, Derek stumbles upon an interesting newspaper clipping that has been tucked away for years. He works hard for the rest of the summer trying to unravel this mysterious family secret.  One aspect my student (and I) love about this series are the illustrated vocabulary words in the margins. Janet Tashjian’s son Jake illustrates the words’ meanings simply so students can learn them.

jedi academy

The Star Wars Jedi Academy Series by Jeffrey Brown

Star Wars fans and fans of graphic novels in my class enjoy this series. Although the main character Roan has always wanted to be a pilot, he is recruited to attend Jedi Academy where he is training to be a Jedi and is learning to use the force from Master Yoda. Roan goes through many awkward “middle schoolish” situations in his training that will tickle the funny bone of middle grade readers. The engaging format includes cartoons, journals, news clippings, and doodles.



Raina Telgemeier Graphic Novels

Boys and girls alike love Raina Telgemeier’s graphic novels. The illustrations combined with the hilarious, and often awkward, situations keep them reading and rereading this series. Knowing that the events are based on the authors own experiences makes the book that much more entertaining. Smile, Drama and Sisters have been circulating among my students all year.

i funny

The I Funny Series by James Patterson

The concept of this series is unique. The Middle school years can be tough for most kids and Jamie Grimm is no exception. Jamie is living with his aunt and uncle in a new town. He is bullied by Stevie who torments him despite the fact that Jamie is in a wheelchair. Through it all, Jamie doesn’t lose his sense of humor. In fact he calls himself the “sit-down stand-up comic” and enters The Planet’s Funniest Kid contest at the urging of his uncle. Fans of Patterson’s Middle School series will also love I Funny.


charlie joe jackson's guide to not reading

The Charlie Joe Jackson Series by Tommy Greenwald

Charlie Joe does not enjoy reading. In fact, the first book in the series is dedicated to telling the reader how to get away with NOT reading in school. However, the students need to read the book to get his advice. This leads to them wanting to read the next book and the next book in this entertaining series.

the odd squad

The Odd Squad Series by Michael Fry

This series empowers anyone who has ever felt like a misfit. Nick, Molly and Carl do not seem to fit the mold of typical middle schoolers. Because Nick is constantly bullied, the school counselor puts him on the school Safety Patrol with Molly and Karl in an attempt to protect him. This band of oddballs discovers they are more powerful together as they deal with the difficulties of middle school.

Gigi McAllister has been a teacher for 20+ years. She is currently a fourth grade teacher in Gorham, Maine. She blogs about books and classroom practices at The Late Bloomer’s Book Blog. You can also find her on Twitter @GigiMcAreads.