March 14



I love reading books (absolutely LOVE). So when I come across people my age (aka the certain species called the teenagers) who don’t read, I don’t know whether to cry or be amused. I feel like I slowly lose my faith in humanity when I try discussing a certain book and well, the other person hasn’t read it. It can get frustrating for both of us and by the end of the said discussion or conversation; I’m ready to tear my hair out. Because I’m sure that I cannot be the only one who has to be put through this agony, I decided to make a cheat-sheet of books every teenager should have read. A lot of them are pretty mainstream series and books, but there are a couple that aren’t well known.

I’m writing this out of personal experience. So all the books that I’ve mentioned are books that a ton of people I meet haven’t read. Once you’ve read these, you should be able to hold your own (at least for a little while) with a nerdy teenager like me. J

And Beware, if you like Chicken Soup and blah blah blah, you’re looking in the wrong place.

And I don’t care if you’ve seen the movies. They don’t count.

Here’s hoping that you’ll actually read these books and if you’re a certified nerdy reader, here’s hoping you’ve read all of these.

So here it goes (in no particular order) the Top 10 Books that Every Teenager Should Read.


  • The Harry Potter Series- If you haven’t read the series, then well… you’re missing out on something. Trust me, I have come across people who haven’t read this series and every time I do so, I’m left aghast.

harry potter



  • To Kill A Mockingbird – There is NO mockingbird in this book and no, this is NOT a recipe book either. The mockingbird is just a metaphor but it’s an amazing read in the end. You probably won’t understand the book the first time and will have to read in 5 times over. Just saying.

to kill a mockingbird


  • Divergent Trilogy – This trilogy has the most amazing concept. Ever. If you haven’t already read it, read it NOW. A dystopian world, a world divided into five factions and danger lurking with the background as a love story, this book is one of my favourites. What’s not to love?

divergent trilogy


  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower – This book deals with a lot of issues, it’s a nice coming of age book, but it’s not my cup to tea. But I figured to each his own since one of my closest friends (also another self-proclaimed book nerd) loved this book.

perks of being a wallflower


  • Hunger Games Trilogy- I’ve never really come across someone who hasn’t read this book yet, but there’s always a first time. Again, the movies do not count. If you’re going to have a conversation with a nerdy reader like me, then you better have your facts (written in the book) right! Plus there’s always a good chance that you’ll be able to relate to it.

hunger games


  • Percy Jackson and The Heroes of Olympus series – I’m a MAJOR fan of the series. This series written by Rick Riordon delves into the concept of Greek Gods and their children the demi-gods. Basically it’s got a lot of Greek Mythology and this is pretty much how I got hooked onto Greek Mythology. Please, please, please read it. (I’m literally begging here).

percy jackson


7) 1984 – I hadn’t read this book until a few weeks ago. But it’s extremely well written and I urge you all to read it. This is one of the books on this cheat sheet that’ll help you sound like you read a lot (if you don’t) and if you’ve already read this book then you’ll know it’s very well written.



  • Ways to Live Forever – I know how everyone thinks The Fault In Our Stars is THE BEST book that deals with cancer, but I just think it’s overrated. Ways to Live Forever is so well written that it’ll bring tears to your eyes. It’s not very famous and I stumbled upon this book but if you’re a nerd or even a non-nerd, this book should be a must-read.

ways to live forever


  • Looking for Alaska – Pretty famous book that many people haven’t read. It’s probably would not make my “most favourite books” list, but it’s the one book that John Green has written that I actually like. Also, a ton of people actually like this book, so hey, you might end up liking it as well.


  • Saving June – This story revolves around the lives of June’s younger sister, her best friend and a strange boy after June commits suicide. No, this is NOT a sad book, well, it isn’t after the beginning (cause let’s face it, death is sad). Not a very famous book, but seriously I think that everyone should read this; it’s about finding yourself but in the most legendary way you can (and I don’t mean travelling the world or things like that).

saving june


Shubhalakshmi is a self-proclaimed nerdy teenager who prefers books and dogs over people, loves to get lost in the pages of a book or in the lyrics of a song and also occasionally bake scrumptious treats. She writes extremely random things on her blog and her Twitter @shubby98.