May 14


The Selection by Kiera Cass – Review by Stephanie Michelle

The SelectionIf you are a fan of The Bachelor, you will like The Selection – it has the same general idea of boy choosing one girl amongst many, but with political themes lingering in the background and, of course, a love triangle to make things even more difficult for the main character, America. Personally, I picked up the book because I read one of it’s spinoff novela’s The Queen as a quick read over a weekend and fell in love with Cass’s writing style. (To be honest, I only bought The Queen because I have a crown tattoo and thought the cover of the book was pretty.)

America Singer lives in a future version of the United States, where people are put into castes again and have been assigned numbers based on their jobs and how much their ancestors could give to the royals (who are ranked as 1s). America Singer is a six (8 being the lowest class), she and her family are artists and she is a singer. They get by, but are not well off. America is given the chance to improve her family’s stature by entering into the Selection, where all of the young women are placed into a lottery and 30 are chosen to meet the Prince and possibly becoming the next Princess and future Queen. But when she is chosen, America leaves not only her family behind, but someone that she is already in love with. She does not expect to be chosen, but enters hoping that she will not be one of the Selected.

America becomes one of the 30 Selected to move to the Palace and meet Prince Maxon. She meets many other girls who share her excitement and a few who do not. She learns more about her country and it’s enemies while also learning about herself and the Prince. She has to decide not only if this is truly what she wants if she is chosen, but if it is worth leaving her home behind.

I loved the entire series including the novellas based off of it and could not put them down. I finished them in about a week, so I definitely recommend The Selection series to anyone looking for something captivating. The Selection will draw the reader in with America’s wit and spirit, and will hold their attention with her heart. (If you find that you do read the book, the fourth book, The Heir, was recently released and is just as good as the rest of the series.)

Stephanie Michelle enjoys binge eating Goldfish while she reads. YA is her favorite genre, but has an open mind when a recommended bool comes her way.She doesn’t have a favorite book, but if she had a choice of fictional husband it would be John Snow, Augustus Waters, or Neville Longbottom. She teaches 6th grade math and coaches a cheer team in South Texas and lifts weights and read in her spare time. She is currently finishing a Master’s Degree in Library Science and dreams of one day opening a healthy bakery/bookstore. You can keep up with her reading on her blog of reviews at and can follow her on instagram @stephaniesmash12. Happy reading!