Book Return by Jen Vincent

As the end of the school year approached, many friends and colleagues stopped in to say goodbye or went to lunch or coffee with me. Many also returned a book I had loaned them when they wish me good luck in a new district. Suddenly, I had a pile of books on my desk. A few of the books I knew about. Others I hadn’t seen in so long I had forgotten about them. One person had three books. Another had a text book. Another a picture book. It was sad because it felt so real that I wouldn’t work with these wonderful people any more so they were returning my books. But at the same time, it was a great reminder that books are part of who I am so I stopped to celebrate my membership in the Nerdy Book Club.


As I talked to a former student teacher about some future ideas, the topic of blogging came up. Knowing her teaching practice, I started to suggest potential blog posts she could write.


I’ve encouraged her to blog before because she is a young teacher, full of excitement for teaching, who has great ideas to share. I would love to read her blog and tell others about it. While I love blogging, it’s more that I believe in her and can see how blogging will give others an opportunity to see how awesome she is.

She looked at me dubiously and then I remembered I had the perfect book in my car. Show Your Work by Austin Kleon was returned to me earlier that day and I realized she didn’t have to only take my advice, she could read Kleon’s thoughts about sharing a small sliver of your life and how those little stories add up to a bigger picture over time.


As I handed her the book, Something occurred to me. Excited, I said, “This will give us an excuse to get together again.” Then we started talking about when and where we might get together over the summer.


Sharing books is more than passing bound paper back and forth. Sharing books is about connecting with others, sharing ideas, wondering together, being brave to try new things, having a good laugh, making memories. I love that books are woven into my friendships.


Here are some of the books that made their way back to me.

I recommend them all and would love to hear about books that you love to share!

jen 1

jen 2

jen 3
Jen Vincent will be a Technology Integration Specialist for a small district in the suburbs of Chicago next year. She’s excited about sharing her Nerdy Book Club love with a new group of educators and discovering new friendships…and books!