July 23


Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi – Retro Review by Mollye Oze

shatter meShatter Me is a young adult dystopian novel. It takes place in a world where the clouds are the wrong color and the birds no longer fly. The cruel Reestablishment claims to bring salvage to the people but actually leaves them hungry. They throw Juliette Ferrars into an asylum on the account of her strange power; her touch can kill. She remains there for three years, until the Reestablishment understands that they can use her as a weapon.  This novel is drenched with romance, intrigue and drama, and I recommend it to fans of Legend by Marie Lu and Divergent by Veronica Roth. I give it ten out of ten stars.

There are many things I enjoyed about this novel, and one of them is the unique voice. Juliette has been in isolation for three long years, and is borderline insane. Mafi does an incredible job in keeping her voice so real with repetitiveness, lack of punctuation at times and strange thoughts. Juliette is truly an intriguing character, who starts out weak and alone and grows into herself and develops a strong personality that three years before she wouldn’t have thought imaginable.

Another fascinating element to the story were the two side characters, Adam Kent and Warner. We see many identities for Adam in this book and we think he is many things, but only Juliette figures out who he truly is.

Warner is a complicated, questionable character that we fall for anyhow because his psychotic character makes him interesting to read about and brings some uneasiness into the story. Warner, being in charge of his Reestablishment branch, is a cruel, heartless man. Yet, he has some sort of softness and hardness to his obsession, Juliette, which implies he may be redeemed in the later books. He makes us raise are eyebrows, gape and scream. He is a part of the story that makes us want to keep reading.

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