September 02



half wildHalf Wild by Sally Green starts from where the first book in the series, Half Bad  left. We find Nathan wake up not remembering what happened or what he exactly did after he started running away from the Hunters who go after black witches and kill them.

Nathan is a half white and half black witch whose father, Marcus, is the most powerful, cruelest and most feared black witch. In the first book Nathan escapes from the cage he is kept in to find Mercury, a black witch, before his seventeenth birthday. On their seventeenth birthday, witches receive their three gifts and their magical ability with a special ceremony called the Giving, performed by an older witch they are blood related. Since his grandmother is dead and he does not even know his father, Nathan has to find Mercury, a black witch who is the only other witch that can give him his gifts apart from a relative.

The first chapters are rather slow as Nathan tries to remember what happened, waiting for Gabriel, his friend, to come back in the meantime and also thinking about what happened between him and his father during the short encounter they had and of course thinking about Annalise and how he can save her.

Gabriel is a black with stuck in a fain (human) body. Gabriel had the gift to transform into anyone he wanted. However, the last time he transformed into a fain, he could not go back to his actual witch form. Nathan met and became friends with Gabriel while he was trying to find Mercury. Gabriel falls in love with Nathan and he even risks his life for him. Annalise is a white witch. Nathan loves Annalise but she is now held captive by Mercury who agrees to set her free if Nathan kills his father and brings his heart to Mercury.

We already know from the first book that Nathan got his three gifts from his father: the bullet his father takes out of his body, his life and lastly his father’s ring. As Nathan is waiting for Gabriel to come back as they had planned in the first book, we learn together with Nathan that his Gift is transforming into an animal, a wild animal which likes killing. All throughout the book, Nathan tries to come into terms with this Gift and control his wild animal side. He believes that the animal he turns into is wild and cruel and he does not want to be wild and cruel.

While trying to save Annalise, he gets help from a black witch, Van Dal, who in turn wants him to join a secret alliance. This alliance is fighting against the council of white witches who have raged a war against black witches and also begun to kill white witches. Nathan joins the alliance with Gabriel and Annalise and persuades Marcus to join, too.

What had attracted me to this series in the first place was the title. After reading the first book, I thought that sometimes I felt half of everything, too. Half bad, half wild, half lost, just like the titles of the books in the trilogy; and of course, half happy, half contented, half positive.  Nathan‘s struggles to find out who he really is continue in Half Wild. Everyone expects him to be evil since he is the son of the cruelest black witch. However, what Nathan fears is being like his father. The book makes the reader question whether we are destined to become what people expect from us, whether we are supposed to be bad just because our genes come from a bad person. Nathan tries hard to disprove this, but is he going to succeed in the end or is he going to give up and eventually believe in what everyone else believes in and act the way people expect him to act? The book also has an interesting ending which leaves the reader curious about what is to come in the next book.


Aydan Ermis (@aydanakgoz on Twitter) is an English instructor at a prep school of a university in Turkey. She loves books and reading passionately. She currently lives in Samsun, a city in the north of Turkey, with her husband and her lovely 9-year-old daughter.