October 22


The Yarn: Bonus Episode by Colby Sharp

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Travis Jonker and I created a podcast over the summer that looked at one book from many angles. One of the reasons we decided to take a closer look at Jennifer and Matthew Holm’s Sunny Side Up was because we wanted to learn about, and celebrate, all of the people that play a role in creating a full color graphic novel for kids.


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We’re excited to close the book on Season 1 of The Yarn with this bonus episode that takes a look at which parts of Sunny Side Up came directly from the Holm childhood.

If you like what you heard in the episode above, and you’d like to check out the rest of the season check out the playlist below.

Colby Sharp is a third grader teacher in Parma, Michigan. He co-hosts the monthly Twitter chats #Titletalk (with Donalyn Miller) and #SharpSchu (with John Schu).