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First Term at Malory Towers by Enid Blyton – Book Review by Mahriya

Memories of thrilling adventures, mischievous plots, shocking secrets and new friendships still excite me to this day. The stories of Darrell Rivers and her friends at their new school, Malory Towers, delight me and the unexpected twists along the way make the journey even more captivating.  Enid Blyton had simply created a masterpiece that made you feel like you’re actually there. The vivid descriptions of the beauty of Malory Towers and personalities of the characters make everything seem so real and once you close the book, you wish it would carry on. That is why this is a book to be treasured and cherished forever.

Darrell Rivers starts her new school. It’s her first time at a boarding school and Darrell is clearly excited. Boarding the train, the eager girl meets some of the pupils who belong in The North tower. Whilst she is travelling, she meets Sally, Alicia, Pamela and Gwendolyn. In this Particular chapter, we find out Gwendolyn is quite spoiled and wants to be in the limelight. Alicia is quite opposite and is funny and doesn’t particularly like Gwendolyn. Alicia seems to know everything about Malory Towers and a confident speaker. Alicia is one of my favourite characters and Darrell and others seem to like her too.
Once they have arrived at Malory towers, the fun begins! Alicia introduces the new arrivals to all the French mistresses and the matron and all the teachers around the school.  After Miss Grayling’s amazing speech which inspired the pupils to become great people, Darrell and her classmates were left speechless.

After the arrival at their new school, Darrell meets Mary-Lou, a shy and timid girl. This was just the beginning of a new friendship. Of course Darrell has made lots of other friends such as Alicia whose sense of humour is much admired by her fellow classmates.
As well as having friends, Darrell also makes some enemies such as Gwendoline. This girl is disliked by most pupils in North Tower and had never been to school before. Due to this, Gwendoline has never come across a school report and lies to her parents how well she is doing. When she discovers a school report, Gwendoline puts her head down and works hard!

One of my favourite things in the book was the swimming pool. The way Blyton has described it is amazing and one of the most memorable things. The arguments and adventures that happened there are ones to remember. One of the most thrilling but surprising event is when Mary-Lou plucks up the courage to dive into the swimming pool. The act was not just brave, it was heroic. Mary-Lou had plunged into the pool to save Darrell’s life!

Exciting happenings did not just happen in the pool, mischievous plans also occurred in the school. In one particular situation, Gwendoline stamps on Mary Lou’s fountain pen.  Once the girls discover this horrific crime, they decide to investigate and hatch a clever plan to catch the culprit.

Whilst discussing, Gwendoline overhears this and begins to panic. What if they find her shoes covered in ink? What would everyone think of her? What if her mother found out? Before being caught out, Gwendoline hides her shoes and instead spills ink on Darrell’s shoes. Agreeing on checking everyone’s shoes for ink, the girls begin. Understandably, Darrell’s shoes are found.  Astonished at what Darrell seems to have done; only Sally and Mary-Lou believe her. From then on the other girls don’t’ even talk to her until Mary Lou comes to the rescue once again.

Time flies at Malory Towers and adventures begin. Holidays come and go. Friends are made and so are enemies. Things are found out and lessons are learnt. Exams are completed and Darrell passes with Flying colours. Sally becomes Darrell’s closest friend.

My favourite character and Darrell’s best friend is just amazing because she is so mysterious and polite.  Despite favouring Sally, all the characters felt so real because of their unique characteristics. My favourite part is when Mary-Lou proves everyone wrong about Darrel. It was a triumph, not just for Mary-Lou but for Darrell too. I think it is a thrilling book with lots of mysteries, friendships, and tricks. And if you loved this book there is a whole series to get through with so much more exciting things waiting to happen. Malory Towers is one my most favourite books.

It was a page-turner. I think this book is for 9-12-year-olds and fans of Enid Blyton. I give this book 9/10. The only reason I am giving it a 9/10, not a 10/10 is because there is one thing wrong with it: you can’t put it down.

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