April 03

POLL: What’s Your Favorite Poem?

One of my favorite things about spring is that April 1 rolls around and brings me all sorts of poetry as I scroll through my social media feeds.

Thank you, National Poetry Month!

Don’t get me wrong – I read poetry all year long. I have the Poetry Foundation app on my phone and I love to spin it and get to read new poems.  I get excited when kids ask me just the right (wrong) way about what happened when they were absent so I can share “Did I Miss Anything?”  by Tom Wayman with the class. I love when I turn my students loose to find their own poetry for my class and have them excited to share what they have found with me and their classmates.

There are all sorts of incredible resources for celebrating poetry with our students and with each other for Poem in Your Pocket Day (April 21) or for this month or for every day of the year.

But the best resource I have ever found for finding new and wonderful poems has been other poetry lovers’ recommendations.

So today’s poll is for you to share what poems you love –  the ones you love just because you love them, the ones you love because of how your students love them, or the ones that just seem to make sense to share today – just because.