Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in a Sequel) by Julie Falatko and Tim Miller

I am very excited to announce that Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in This Book!) will have a sequel, coming your way in the fall of 2017!

snappsy sequel 1

I knew we could do it! I knew if we kept bugging that author lady, she’d make another book about us!

Oh brother. I don’t want to be in another book. I just want to eat my sandwich.

But our first book was such a hit! Four starred reviews! We were in People Magazine! We made the spring Indie Next List! said we were one of the best books of the year so far!

I have a huge pile of books to read here. Other books. Books that don’t have me in them. Books called things like How to Get Your Narrator to Take a Long, Long Vacation Somewhere Far Away.

My dear friend Julie Danielson wrote a review for BookPage. Do you know what she said?

Yes. You read me this review every day. But go ahead.

She said, “It’s utterly irresistible, and I hope we see more from Snappsy in the future. (We’ll have to talk to the narrator about that.).” When one of your very close friends makes a request like that, you have to make it happen.

I don’t think you really know Julie Danielson.

Of course I do. We went to college together.

Well, it worked. Our author wrote us another book, and the illustrator guy is drawing pictures now. I hope you’re happy.

I am! I’m very, very happy.

Can I go now? My sandwich is getting cold.

Just a moment. One more thing. Let’s thank the Nerdy Book Club for helping us announce our next book.

Oh, that’s a nice idea. I love the Nerdy Book Club. They understand my desire to have a quiet day with nothing scheduled so I can catch up on reading. What’s our sequel called, anyway?

Let’s see. What has the author lady been calling it? Snappsy: The Sequel. Oh. That is terrible.

Yeah. Wow. That is awful.

I’m going to come up with a better one! That’s just a temporary title.

In that case, I think we’d better give our Nerdy Book Club pals a little more. How about a sneak peek at the book? Here, just for you, dear Nerdy Book Club members, an exclusive look at our newest adventure, which is sure to be tied for the best picture book of all time…HEY! WHAT AM I DOING ON THAT TOILET?

snappsy sequel 2


Snappsy the alligator wants nothing more than a quiet evening alone, but a pesky chicken who insists he’s Snappsy’s best friend won’t leave him alone. Friendship bracelets? Matching shirts? The sleepover of the century? Snappsy did not ask for any of the activities this chicken – his best friend forever? – is planning.


Julie Falatko is a card-carrying member of the Nerdy Book Club (ok, so it’s just a little card she made herself, but still, it counts). She is the author of Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in This Book), illustrated by Tim Miller (Viking), as well as the second Snappsy book, coming in the fall of 2017. Her other upcoming books include The Society of Underrepresented Animals, illustrated by Charles Santoso, and Help Wanted: One Rooster, both from Viking. You can find Julie on her website at, on Twitter @JulieFalatko, or on Facebook at JulieFalatkoAuthor.


Tim Miller is an author and illustrator of picture books. He is the illustrator of Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in This Book) written by Julie Falatko, published by Viking Children’s Books. He is also the illustrator of the middle-grade series Hamstersaurus Rex written by Tom O’Donnell, published by HarperCollins in fall 2016. Tim’s debut picture book as author & illustrator, Moo Moo in a Tutu, will be published by Balzer & Bray in early 2017. Tim studied at the School of Visual Arts where he earned his Bachelor’s in Cartooning and his Master’s in Art Education. Visit him at, and follow him on Twitter @TM_Illustration.