December 23

A Call for Winter Break TBR Stacks Pictures


It’s been a long time since we have put out a call for photos to make a video.

We know though that your break TBR (to be read) stacks have been ordered and reordered – and some of you have already had the benefit of moving some of your titles from the TBR stack to the R stack already – so why don’t you share your reading plans with all of us?

Grab your camera/phone/or favorite sketching materials to send us ONE image of your TBR stack.

Be creative, but keep in mind our one request — many have asked for the opportunity to know what titles make their way into everyone’s stacks. Do your best to either make the titles clearly visible or plan to make a comment with which titles were in your stack.

You can submit your photos by sending them to our email (

Deadline for photo submission is 8:00 pm EST on December 24, 2016.

Expect a video to magically appear sometime on the morning of December 25.