January 28


​Ten Books About Climate Change by Nancy Castaldo 

One of the most important issues our world faces today is climate change. Scientists across the globe agree that our planet is in the throes of a dramatic change. As our Earth warms, every organism on the planet from insects to plants, from polar bears to humans are impacted. Here is a list of books that will inform and empower young readers about this headlining issue.



The Down-to-Earth Guide to Global Warming

Laurie David and Cambria Gordon

This is exactly what it says it is –  a down-to-earth-guide about global warming. This fact-filled book is chock full of  photos and illustrations to engage readers. It’s a perfect book to add to a classroom library, but also great for scout leaders, homeschoolers, and other organizations that empower kids with service activities.

How We Know What We Know About Our Changing Climate

Lynne Cherry

You’ll remember Lynne Cherry’s name from the classic book The Kapok Tree. She’s a veteran science writer who has turned her attention to our changing climate. In this book, Cherry discusses the science behind the headlines to provide kids with a complete picture of what has been happening to our planet.


eyes wide open

Eyes Wide Open: Going Beyond the Environmental Headlines 

Paul Fleischman

Paul Fleischman has  moved away from writing fiction to address one of the biggest stories of the century. Eyes Wide Open is written for older readers and even has its own website to keep his readers informed. In this call-to-action title, Fleischmann is delivering a wake-up-call to his teen readers. This title received well-deserved starred reviews from Kirkus, SLJ, Booklist, and Publishers Weekly. A great title to hand to the teens in your life!


Global Warming

Seymour Simon

This full color title by award winning author Seymour Simon offers young readers a basic introduction to the causes and effects of climate change. It serves to answer the questions often asked by elementary school readers who are confronted by this topic in the news and in school. Simon carries through with this title, offering young reader a compelling and engaging read enhanced by amazing photography.


Global Warming Primer 

Jeffrey Bennett

This 2016 title was named a 2017 NSTA, Outstanding Science Trade Book and a Children’s Book Council Best STEM Book. It is written for teens and is a perfect accompaniment to a high school science curriculum. Written in a question-and-answer format, Bennet uncovers all of the concepts and facts about climate change. He also addresses some common misconceptions. Like many books on this list, Bennett also offers hope through understanding and actions.



Hopping Ahead of Climate Change

Sneed B. Collard III

Another veteran science author has tackled this headline grabbing topic. Sneed Collard has done it well in this new title by focusing in on one of the species impacted  — the snowshoe hare. Readers will uncover how a warmer planet will have consequences on each and every one of us through this fascinating study of just one Arctic creature. budding scientists will appreciate the look into one biologist’s research.


Why are the Ice Caps Melting? : The Dangers of Global Warming

Anne Rockwell and Paul Meisel

Like all other books in the  Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out science series, this title brings topics to very young readers. Rockwell and Meisel start off this book with an explanation of why Earth is such a hospitable planet for life. the book then proceeds to explain global warming – its sources and effects. Energy saving solutions are introduced. Rockwell discusses some of the controversy surrounding this important scientific headline and answers it by noting that stopping the spread of greenhouse gases are important no matter what your thoughts on the science presented.



The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge

Joanna Cole

Another franchised series discusses this important topic with The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge. Joanna Cole’s books are read and reread in every elementary school in the country, so her approach on this topic should be one you consider to add to your library shelf. Like her other books, this subject is approached with facts and humor. Combine it with Seymour Simon’s book for a perfect pairing for young readers.


A Warmer World: From Polar Bears to Butterflies, How Climate Change Affects Wildlife

Caroline Arnold

Arnold dives into this subject with a look at how the warming climate impacts every organisms on earth. Although this title is going on five years old and there are even more facts that we now know, this title is a great addition to your shelf because it delves into our interdependency. This isn’t an issue that only affects polar bears, even though that is what most children see on the news. It is a global issue and has an impact on all of us. A perfect first read before reading Collard’s book about snow shoe hares.



An Inconvenient Truth: Young Readers Edition 

Al Gore

This is an adaption for young readers of former Vice President Al Gore’s bestselling adult book that alerts us of the future of our planet if we do not address global warming. It features full-color photos, easy-to-understand graphs, and illustrations that combined with Gore’s persuasive text give middle and high school readers a strong view of this important issue. This should be read for its groundbreaking historic content as well as its science. As one of the first climate change activists, Gore became one of the strongest voices alerting the world to what was happening all around us. He continues to advocate on behalf of the planet and recently met with President-Elect Donald Trump to discuss fighting climate change.

the-story-of-seedsNancy Castaldo has written books about our planet for over 20 years. Her most recent title THE STORY OF SEEDS: From Mendel’s Garden to Your Plate, and How There’s More of Less To Eat Around The World introduces older readers to the importance of seeds, farming, and the crisis we currently face. Other titles include, Mission Polar Bear Rescue and Sniffer Dogs.