March 17


What I Hope Kids Will See When They Read Charlotte the Scientist Is Squished by Camille Andros

When I was a kid I loved science (and still do). I was especially fascinated by space, stars, astronauts, (I wanted to go to space camp soooo bad) curing diseases, and the human body, but I had an image in my head of what a scientist looked like (white old guy wearing a lab coat) and I didn’t match that image. Since I didn’t look like that, I thought I couldn’t be a scientist.


I remember sitting in Mr. Thomas’ seventh grade physical science class when he asked a question—I can’t remember what it was—but I remember my answer and will never forget his reaction. I answered, “Maybe it could be a black hole.” He stopped the class and made me feel like that answer was the key to unlocking the universe. Mr. Thomas made me feel smart, valued and heard. He made me feel like I could be a scientist. I really want kids, especially girls, to know that being a scientist is something they can do.


Charlotte’s dream is to be a serious scientist but she has a lot of obstacles in her way to accomplish her goals.  I hope kids will read Charlotte, see themselves, and know they can find a solution to their problem or question and work hard to follow their dream to be whatever they want to be.



Camille Andros is the author of CHARLOTTE THE SCIENTIST IS SQUISHED, her picture book debut. She loves asking questions and won first place in the school science fair when she was in Kindergarten. She lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with her husband and six children who know a little something about being squished. Visit Camille online at, on Twitter @camdros and on Instagram @camilleandros.