May 02


Cover Reveal: SHADOW WEAVER by MarcyKate Connolly + a Giveaway

Lots of kids have imaginary friends. When I was little, I was no exception. Her name was Sally and she may as well have been my shadow.

Sally looked exactly like me and went with me everywhere—much to the chagrin of my family. Especially since Sally had an annoying habit of walking through doors as slowly as molasses. Not only did she make us perpetually late, but she also took the blame for anything naughty I did. Eating sugar out of the sugar bowl, stuffing her pockets full of candles in the grocery store, drawing on the wall with crayon—I’d swear to my parents that it wasn’t me, it was all Sally.

But what Sally really did was fulfill a need. While I was not an only child, my siblings were both nearly a decade older than me. I had friends my age, but a constant companion to whom I could whisper all my secrets and tell stories in the middle of the night was something I craved. And I didn’t stop with Sally. There was a time when every night, I’d crawl out of bed and tiptoe to the window to press my face against the glass. Then I’d wish on the stars with all my might for one of the characters in my nursery rhyme books to come to life so I could have a best friend who’d fit in my pocket and would go with me everywhere. (Sally, of course, was never jealous. She was a very understanding imaginary friend).

In my forthcoming middle grade fantasy novel SHADOW WEAVER (Sourcebooks, 1/2/2018), the main character Emmeline can talk to her shadow, Dar…and her shadow talks back. Emmeline’s talent of crafting things from shadows creates a rift between her and her parents, and Dar fills the void they’ve left. Her family assumes Dar is only an imaginary friend, but Emmeline knows she is real. And, as she discovers during the book, Dar is more real than she ever imagined.

I’m so thrilled to share the cover today for SHADOW WEAVER on the Nerdy Book Club blog! It perfectly captures the relationship between Emmeline and Dar, and Emmeline’s growing wariness of her shadow’s motives as the story goes along. And the artwork is absolutely beautiful. It’s always nerve-wracking to get a cover for a new book, but the artist, Zdenko Basic, and the team at Sourcebooks designed the perfect one!


About the Book:

The shadows that surround us aren’t always as they seem…

Emmeline has grown up with a gift. Since the time she was a baby she has been able to control shadows. And her only friend and companion is her own shadow, Dar.

Disaster strikes when a noble family visits their home and offers to take Emmeline away and cure her of magic. Desperate not to lose her shadows, she turns to Dar who proposes a deal: Dar will change the noble’s mind, if Emmeline will help her become flesh as she once was. Emmeline agrees but the next morning the man in charge is in a coma and all that the witness saw was a long shadow with no one nearby to cast it. Scared to face punishment, Emmeline and Dar run away.

With the noble’s guards on her trail, Emmeline’s only hope of clearing her name is to escape capture and perform the ritual that will set Dar free. But Emmeline’s not sure she can trust Dar anymore, and it’s hard to keep secrets from someone who can never leave your side.

The first in a dark middle-grade fantasy duology, MarcyKate Connolly weaves a tale filled with shadows, danger, and magic that has the feel of a new classic.



MarcyKate Connolly is a NYT Bestselling children’s book author and nonprofit administrator living in New England with her husband and pugs. She graduated from Hampshire College with a double major in Music and Literature, and from Boston University with an MS in Arts Administration. Her debut middle grade fantasy series is available now from HarperCollins Children’s Books and includes Monstrous and the companion novel, Ravenous. Her next series begins with Shadow Weaver which will be out from Sourcebooks on 1/2/2018. You can visit her online at